Hour 15 – Forming of the Universe

Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann at Pixabay


Before everything, there was only darkness

And vacuum

And then a slight amount of activity began…

exactly when, is anyone’s guess

but it was a long long time ago…

when the time came

that which was the nucleus of all exploded

and began to expand in all directions

Galaxies formed, each consisting of

billions of stars and planets developed gravities

and began to encircle stars…


And today, the universe is still expanding


Antoinette LeRoux © 2019


Hour Fourteen – We are not lost

“The Land knows you, even if you are lost…” Robin Wall Kimmerer

Image courtesy of PixelAnachy at Pixabay


The Earth is very forgiving…

We are destroying our Mother,

Yet she knows us and supports us

and will continue doing that

For as long as she possibly can.

Because we are her children

How long we still have is uncertain

But we need to understand

That her resources can be depleted

And we are depleteing them faster everyday.

How many species are we missing already?

I have stopped counting

since counting is futile

Yes, she knows us even though we are so lost

But we’d better stop depleting and begin to replenish

Or the day will surely come that she will

run out of everything


Antoinette LeRoux © 2019


Hour Thirteen – Biblioklept

Image courtesy of GraphicMama-team at Pixabay


She lingres between two shelves

And watches the library staff carefully

She hides behind a book

And quickly dodges out of sight

She sits at a table, pretending to study

She patiently waits for just the right moment,

Then slips a book… or two

Into her bag… or purse, if the book is small enough

She slyly walks toward the door

And when nobody’s looking

She walks out, tightly hanging on to her bounty.

Perhaps, if the library community is lucky enough

The biblioklept will never return


Antoinette LeRoux © 2019


Hour 12 – Erasure – The Tragedy of Giving up Your Dog

For this promt, I have used text from an article that I have written recently

Image courtesy of Freeillustrated at Pixabay



Usually, it is the innocent dog that suffers most…

how could anyone who lives with a companion dog

just one day pitch up at a shelter and leave their beloved companion

at the mercy of “fate?”

And that is precisely the point: the plight of the dog owner

that feels compelled to surrender his or her dog.

Has anyone ever put yourself in the shoes

of an 82-year-old lady that doesn’t have the strength anymore

to take care of her Labrador?

Or the German Shepherd breeder that stands to lose her dogs

to messy divorce proceedings?

The dad that has to tell his kids that he does not have a job anymore;

that they will have to say goodbye to Rover?

Ever thought how such a dad must feel?

What do you do, where you know you are in a position to help?

You help of course!

But not always… some don’t have the verb “help” in their vocabulary…


Antoinette LeRoux © 2019


Original Text

One of the most prominent tragedies of “Modern Society” is the phenomenon of dog owners that abandon their dogs. Usually, it is the innocent dog that suffers most… the very one that deserves least of all to go through the trauma of losing her loved ones!

Come to think of it: how could anyone who lives with a companion dog for goodness knows how long, just one day all of a sudden pitch up at a shelter and leave their beloved companion of several years at the mercy of “fate?”
And that is precisely the point of this article. To bring to your attention the plight of the dog owner that feels compelled to surrender his or her dog.

Has anyone reading these words ever put yourself in the shoes of the 82-year-old lady that just doesn’t have the strength anymore to take care of her Labrador? Or the reputable registered German Shepherd breeder of three decades that stands to lose all of her dogs to messy divorce proceedings?

What about the dad that has to come home one night to tell his kids that, because he does not have a job anymore, they will have to say goodbye to their precious Rover? Has anyone ever thought for one moment how such a dad must feel?

And this type of scenario plays itself off over and over on a rapidly increasing basis on a global scale.
So what do you do in such a case, where you know about someone who will lose their dog if they don’t get help to keep the dog, and you know you are in a position to help?

Well, you help of course!

But no, not always… some just don’t have the verb “help” in their vocabulary…

Antoinette LeRoux © 2019

Hour Eleven – To my Former Self (2000 – 2007)

Image courtesy of 9Gans at Pixabay


Dear Former Me

I would just like to let you know that

you have eventually left

the abuser that nearly destroyed you.


For what it’s worth: you have regained

What you have lost: yourself

You’re still working on a few things, though,

but you’re getting there.


What you wanted most of all, to get a dog again

Has been accomplished.

And she’s the cutest little thing on four legs…


Guess what: your dream of being

a freelance writer is also being fulfilled.

Just a little more work,

And you will be where you’ve always wanted to be


Your son (my son) is married and has a daughter.

A few minor things can be improved in his life

But step by step, he’s getting there…


We’re not doing too bad, you and I

and right now you’re participating

in a Poetry Marathon…

Something your abuser said you couldn’t do…


Take care (I know you will)

From “The future you”


Antoinette LeRoux © 2019



Hour 10 – Santa Claus Coming to Town

Image courtesy of Pixabay


Staring through a window of the canteen on the dock,

I saw the Fir tree in the corner;

It was that time of the year again

And the Christmas decorations looked inviting;


‘Damn! It’s cold!’ I thought

as the fog grew denser by the second.

I joined the crowd inside,

eyeing the pot of hot coffee on the shelf.


Everybody hushed as they saw me enter…

Suddenly, for a second or two

A moonbeam shone through the fog

And fell on the concrete floor


Everybody cheered, and made a path

to let me through;

After all,” I heard somone say,

He is Santa Claus, you know.”


Antoinette LeRoux © 2019

Hour Nine, Promt Eleven – The Shack in the Valley

Image courtesy of Pixabay


As I stepped into the shack

I felt warm immediately

There was a fire in the hearth

An old man sat in a chair in front of the hearth

“I was expecting you.”

The old man said

“I know.” I responded and sat down.

I poured myself a drink

from the jug on the coffee table.

It was good to be home…


Antoinette LeRoux © 2019

Hour Seven – Fierce Dog

I found this a difficult prompt because I couldn’t make out the lirics of the song, so I used the picture of the dog on the cover as a prompt…

Image courtesy of Chiemsee 2016


I heard a noise that startled me

And went outside, weapon in hand

I saw fiery eyes and flashing teeth

Coming at me

Ready to fire, I waited

Something cautioned me not to use the gun

The creature became more tangible

The closer it got to me

And still, I waited

I heard a low growl, and aimed

Suddenly, she became visible in the light

of a the street lamp

beneath which I stood;

Eyes begging, she lay down at my feet

and I knew that I couldn’t pull the trigger

I kneeled at her side and stroked her head;

We became best friends forever…


Antoinette LeRoux © 2019

Hour Six, Prompt Seven – Breaking Free

Image courtesy of EliasSch of Pixabay


For the umpteeth time I try

to feel my way out of this hell;

this box where I can hardly breathe or move…

And for the umptheenth time

I feel nothing;

there’s no way out;

I have effectively been shut in

and I’m stuck…

When ever will this hold be lifted?

When ever will I be rid of of this force

that will not release me…?


Emotionally depleted, I

look inward once again

and send a message

to nobody in particular…

I need help. Please rescue me.”


A sudden force wells up from deep inside me

and in one last attempt,

I break free, float up and up

and reach the light at the top of the box.

I’m free!” I yell over and over…


Realization dawns upon me

that I am free because I broke free;

that all I needed was my own strength

to conquer the giant that wouldn’t release me


Antoinette Leroux © 2019

Hour Five – Reflection on Time

Image courtesy of Annca at Pixabay


Once upon a Summer Dream

On a beach tinted gold

By the rays of Sol,

I watched shadows

Growing old too soon

And disappear…


Startled, I saw the sun dive out of sight

Making way for

An overly- eager moon

And suddenly, it was dark…

But, as Luna smiled upon the ocean,

She turned the golden beach to silver…


I barely had a minute to admire the scene

When her silver began to fade

As she bowed out

And left only the stars behind;

I smiled and winked at my special star,

Amazed at how fast her glitter seemed to dim…


Early dawn, and Sol was back,

Galloping across the sky

And a few moments later

Luna smiled upon the waves again,

Then bowed and disappeared…

Leaving only the stars again

Disappearing in fleeting moments…


In retrosppect, I couldn’t help

but realize the tragedy of time

Just hurtling by us as we,

In ignorance, perpetually fail

To grip, and take hold of,

Even a single moment…

And virtually let our entire life slip away

And disappear…


Antoinette LeRoux © 2019

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