Poem 12 – Hour 12 – The Myth of Money

The Myth of Money


neither welcoming smile shouldn’t disperse your mind

nor cheap affections make you further blind


your riches have labelled you like a blank cheque

must segregate you and your wealth with some check


these intrinsic coins weigh love as sand

humidity of sincerity makes difficult its land


love lags money, is not realistic attitude

have to paint yourself with bare fortitude


to meet artificial faces with a little shine and bow

only treasure of jewels can subjugate them to you


money amplifies leading phase of your life

with the nectar, you can control bees in hive.



Poem 11 – Hour 11 – Aymen Zaheer

Fantasy Place

My flight of thoughts is ordinary

Like a juicy fruit on tree of cherry

I left the burden once I carried

Self-pity and cowardice to whom I married


I want to live in rainbow of flowers

Near the lake, by sitting in water for hours

The buds are kissing my face every moment

Cool breeze aids them this bestowment


I wish, I walk on the rainbow

Take a sight to dance on snow

I want to mix with mother nature

As weaving love by a filature


Poem 10 – Hour 10 – Aymen Zaheer

To count blessings really matter

From good to become better

We know the worth after a loss

So should act like a floss

To keep togetherness so clean

Even our parting should not mean

That’s why I never think of deprivation

Be ourselves for any fixation

Poem 9 – Hour 9 – Aymen Zaheer

One day I caught a firefly

Brought a bottle to lie

And I looked with an hourglass

To unveil the color mask

I zoom the view

And feel lethargy of little crew

Perhaps it is feeling the heat of prison

My selfishness leads me to do strange act

Poem 8 – Hour 8 – Aymen Zaheer

O My Captain! My captain! Our trip has been ended

The ship has been wrecked and we won the prize

Our destiny is near and people are merrymaking

And we are waiting to go


But O Heart! Heart! Heart!

Mournful to see blood drops of our captain

On the deck of ship

Who is cold and dead?

Poem 7 – Hour 7 – Seasons of Life!



everyone is born to follow an order

this order begins from birth to death

every season turns into a new border

where we have to act until the last breath

season of childhood is precious than all

ah! But it has to meet autumn fall

this fall is the promise of a new spring

young age is like a butterfly on the swing

finally, it dwells in the den of winter

that vanishes, our existence like a tinter

Poem 6 – Hour 6 – Aymen Zaheer


Every day is a special day

Where do kids play on way

Some have football, some have clay

Laughing, kidding and drinking whey

Their fine dresses turn dusty

Playing in full swing as trusty

With clean hearts and smudged faces

Helping others like an eternity embraces

I wish, I could dive in Time

Sit in hive, and live a state of sublime

Poem 5 – Hour 5 – Aymen Zaheer


People met by destiny
To create their own fantasy

My fate conspired me to meet
Bring sweet melodies in my beat

I submerged and soaked in you
With amiable feeling and memory’s crew

We created a mark of our love
Upon a tree, where living a dove

No matter how old are we
We lavish fondness as I like to be

Ages passed and centuries will come
One day our faces would be hidden in a slum

When someone looks at the tree
Feel the wings of love are always free

Poem 4 – Hour 4 – Aymen Zaheer

My late grandma

My lovely grandma, where are you?
Where you hide, your wrinkled face
Hovering here and there, looking for you
Scratching my wounds, couldn’t find trace
Any memory, love, and affiliation
I have nothing along with all facilitation
I still recalled the days of my childhood
When you took me to garden, and remained stood
I really miss you, my source of inspiration
Without you, my heart is throbbing with no sensation

Poem 3 – Hour 3 – Aymen Zaheer

I want to be educated!

I am not a coward at all
To get education in school
Or just to stick with a mat
Outdoor. I am not born to die
to do useful things are not a lie
That’s why take me to school, don’t let me cry!

Some people are biased
They take everything for granted
Boys are not only supreme creature in world.
Gender inequality is rising a whirl
If the girls will not attend the school
How could they cope up everything
Generations after generations bear the same thing
That’s why take me to school, don’t let me cry

Social norms are not mere cause
Mentality of ours is an actual pause
I have suffered and still suffering a lot
Am I tool to fulfillment? Or domestic art
I want to live so many lives
That’s why take me to school, don’t let me cry

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