Smashed up against others

So crowded it scared me

Then a flash above me

Begat more just like thunder

My heart how it pounded

And filled me with joy

Didn’t know the kid in me

Was laughing so loudly

Smiles stretch my bright face

Shiny with happy tears

Bridge beneath my feet

Shaking with each explosion

Ashes fall stinging

But I do not feel them

Ears full of ringing

Sky flowers so sparkly

They light up my eyes

Birthday of my Country

(Who keeps touching my butt?!)


if you sank your fangs

into my cold dead soul

and made me immortal

would you be sorry?


“Because I Can”


always there for me

ever since I’ve known you


when I trusted you most

you broke my heart worst


ran away

my mean ghost


until you missed me

and did it again


my foolish heart

(why do you keep hurting me?)




I Want You Now

Like I needed you then…


Fire races between us

When we are skin to skin..


So deep inside me

I yearn in pain…


Only you can fill me

Make me whole again…


So far away

So close to my heart…


How can I live

With us so far apart?


Forever Proud

Of my ties

To the land.


Many times over

Told of her fame.



Who runs

With fawn~



Into the copy

Of my family tree.


Who never existed.


Why lie to me?


The way

She was born

Should have

Killed her…



She stole

Our hearts

A short while…


And then

She took


With her…


we huddle

we friends



as she opens

her necklace 

and scatters

his ashes

in the wind


so many tears

rolling down my face

wiggly belly gyrating

as i lie on the floor

after my sister

sipping sweetly

turned towards me

drink straw up her nose

surprising us both!


Brave Mouse

Traipsing across

My floor…


Skippity doo~dah

Now you are

No more…


Didn’t you see

My kittens three?


Einstein in his 80s

You shall not be…


he took it with him


the smell

of fresh raspberries



into cold cream



by salt and ice

smiles and laughter


an old wooden bucket

of ice cream by the lake


cousins swimming

amongst creepy fish

leaping from the boat


racing for cones

handmade by my uncle 


recipe forever gone


just like him

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