Hold Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand

How the world marvels at the world handheld
So much knowledge flooding towards us at a mere flick
How quickly the technology of years past remain forgotten
Steam engine, spinning Jenny, printing press
But most of all the humble pipe that flows,
Water to refresh and grow,
Waste to drain away.

All of the world’s knowledge possible by aqueduct and sewer.


The stars of my childhood were the lit windows in the buildings

The trees were the tall, black lampposts,

hanging its branches over the street

The insect calls were found in the rumbling of trains and accelerating cars

This was my nature

As an adult, I discovered the other kind

The bushes alive with fireworks

The sounds of motorcycle engines in the throats of frogs

Each sound and light, a circuit board of life

Nature and city collide, cry, crash, and cradle

A gasp, a grasp, a growl

All a part of the circuitry in my veins

My city was my forest; the jungle, a town.

Before Darkness

I counted each little finger and toe

So I knew how many should be there

When I woke up


Before Darkness

I would hum a certain tune

Over and over, starting from the beginning

If i were interrupted by thought or sound

So I knew that I would wake up breathing


Before Darkness

I washed my hands, trying to achieve

Perfect thoughtlessness

So I knew that my family members would be safe


Before Darkness

I avoided staring at the thing in my room

That I couldn’t get rid of

That I couldn’t stop thinking of

The bad luck charm

So I would wake up the next day


Before Darkness

I gave into the darkness

Only sleep was a respite in the sun

Body Politic

I was once accused of choosing to be different

Because I preferred the gray in the ceiling of the world

Instead of the joyful blue.

But we do not appoint the electricity in our brain

Or the manner of blood as it rushes through our fingers

My eyes chose the gray with the green green grass

As easily as my lungs chose air.

As if oddness were a decision

I prefer the days where moving feels like swimming

Or a constant embrace from a stale warm breath

I hide from the moments by the shore in the sun

It’s my body, not me

If I only could luxuriate in the sun’s embrace

Or cheer with the blue and the green green grass

But my manner is not appointed by me

My nuclei have ordained it

Thus I must follow

The gray days with the chartreuse trees




We were gears

Turning, ticking next to each other

I to my part, and you to yours

It worked, it seemed,

But we only turned in circles, idling, lost

And then you got caught

You stopped revolving, stayed still

The sound of metal grinding together as it halted

And I sprang from the mechanism

Ashamed but free

Grateful for the breakdown

Gratified for the eternity

Away from you