Rhyme Reboot

Impatient – I just want it now
But teach myself to wait somehow
To wait but not procrastinate
It’s a tough row to hoe, you know

So let words proliferate
And those sounds alliterate
Do not even hesitate
So you’re never ever late

Clock Face

Clock face 🕖 on my wall
Ticks away the time today
As we two face off
It seems aware of my stare
Perhaps it is self-aware

Old Phone

Old phone
Runs down so fast
How to make power last
Without divine intervention
Or losing sight of goal
So I dive in
Black hole


Last night
Baked healthy treats
For a long Saturday
Oats with many fruits in blender
Whirling worries away
Of what to eat
All day

Wondering Woman

Wonder Woman, I wonder why
You fly that plane up in the sky
It’s invisible but not you
Unless you make yourself sky blue

The more you know, the more confused
You find yourself not so amused

Steve, Ho!

My friend Steve, an old man I see
Often he walks hesitantly
His eyes are filled with merriment
Wish that smile was more permanent
Finds amusement in many things
Easily hurt by those with stings
But look for good and you will find
Reasons to laugh and to be kind


Is one challenge
Amongst many others
I am a “Merlin” aging young
Nothing really matters
If you survive
First death

Coffee Break

Take a coffee break
Make a fresh cup and drink up
You will last longer
Oh how I need more coffee
So better make it stronger

Hop, Skip, Jump (mixed formats)

Norma asked me to write some lines
About a nursery flower
She sent in a website photo
She believes I have the power
To write a poem any time, so:

Walking along one day, I see
A fragrant flower with a bee
Both hang low from an old oak tree

Why do flowers dance in rain
Without fear or worry
They never bother with umbrellas

A walk in the garden
Blooms, petals, color galore
So much greenery
Of flora that we adore
Why can’t we have even more?

In Memory of a Brother

He was
The eldest son
He was my big brother
He wasn’t always nice to me
But I called him Bubba
He tried to be

He read
From the time he was three
(Today he’d be seventy-three)
He read for hours on end
So many things
Smart guy

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