Hour 24

Well, I made it. Even if that meant operating at a fraction of my capacity.

I’ll definitely be revisiting this last one… It needs more. But it’s the most I can manage at this point.

Congratulations Marathoners!

Almost there…

I got ahead of myself somewhere. No idea where. But I guess it’s easily done when you’re distracted, a little drunk, and sleep deprived.

But I’m back on track for the final hour.

Will try to go out with a bang.

Hour 23

Almost home free…

Due to.my lacklustre performance this year, my revision process is going to be more of a full rewrite.

But for now, another haiku before breakfast with my beau.

Let me in your soul

There’s a secret in your eyes

I so wish to know

Hour 21

Heart under fire

Am I ready for this yet?

I will take the chance

Hour 20

So life clashed this year. I’m a little disappointed, but not remorseful.

And even if I’m not doing as well as I’d like to be doing, I’m not giving up.


Where has my mind gone?

Away on the wings of dreams

Through mists of silver

Hour 18

Win within my grasp

Though somewhat unfulfilling

Yet I have had fun

Hour 16

Drat. The Napping Hours are upon me!


Flow over me, sleep

Take me in your warm embraces

Bring me loving dreams

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