No regrets

Close to a century ago

Seems shorter though

Eyes wide and ambitions high

Adrenaline on over drive


The dancing nouns have slowed.     Nervousness subdued.                    Kids home dogs feeling neglected confused

Fingers achy minus the pain just eager to use them for writing again everyone has made this a true event so far all is well no need to vent


Butter Pecan

I’ve fallen behind with way too many to go this one will be quick cause my creative juices are running low I need a nap you know what I mean better yet I think I’ll grab some ice cream

Prompt eleven

Music like poetry writing similar to singing uplifting or heart wrenching one simple verse one single line executed properly transcends time fill your mind with phenomenal visualizations touch your soul deep within even engulf you in elation

Forever black

Sun kissed brown perfectly hued I am in love with my blackness despite how it may some times be viewed

Raised proud surrounded by a deliciously speckled crowd

Beige Sandy browns mahagony, mochas even latte cream.                But technically black is all that’s seen

Humbly great just like my shade.    Ever heard the saying “black don’t crack’ guess what nor will it fade


Tears with held

Pain suppressed

Day and night filled with worry.        Contemplation accompanied by lack of rest

Everyone oblivious.                            While I cling to anonymity and borrowed happiness


Funny how life can send you soaring or spinning in the blink of an eye

Things happen beyond our control no matter how hard we try

Deadlines anniversaries and birthdays all seem to come on go

Don’t procrastinate or hesitate.         For tomorrow we may not know

When life gives you lemons learn to make lemonade

Most importantly remember when there’s an opportunity to party.         By all means celebrate

Queen walk

Some people don’t like the way that queens walk….I always wondered why the way I walk envoked so much discussion My hips do not protrude voluptuously nor does my behind sit apple picked perfect. Yet my crown does rest center squared delicately but purposely upon my head always being held to the heavens Back erect neck elongated stride nothing less than femininity itself steps that were never taught Grace and poise trickle deep within my being growing stronger with each generation evidence so clear as I Witness my princess’s arrival to her throne legs thick stronger than most built different inside and out what they do not Know is the physical does not direct my steps these limbs move unbenouncingly confidentiality by my ancestors

Backyard swing

High above the six feet of chain link fences that separate our 13by16 square footage of various weeds we called grass

Almost as tall as the branches of the old sap tree we loved to dangle from

Only then. with the air propelling my imagination did I dare to soar.   Freedom belongs to the birds I thought as my braids swayed in the breeze   my sister twirling beneath my feet eagerly awaiting her turn Mommy watched from the kitchen window

Daddy gave us the world with one simple rope,a wooden slate and my first push

Not Ready

I thought this will be fun a marthon of sorts.  But now my hands are all sweaty and I think I’m growing warts

Haven’t even had time to check a prompt let alone Facebook (thank God I cooked)

Who am I kidding, didn’t sleep well in anticipation, no bother going to face this challenge like any other, with determination

I know this poem is corny ask me if I care.. because just finishing this one got me on step closer to almost being there…

Not really