Awesome marathon

This was my first marathon. I was beyond excited when I signed up and I had a full marathon in mind. On signing up I realised that I wouldn’t make it due to other odd or even reasons…on the day of the half marathon I frantically searched for the delete button to exclude myself, I couldn’t find it, I even searched on Google. Well I had no choice but to participate…I logged in, then boom, I found myself excited again and anticipating each prompt with eagerness. I have met great writers on this platform. Thank you Caitlin and all the lovely writers here.

Hour 12:

Reedy and husky voices ascended in unison

gyrating and sauntering crowds accompanying the all too familiar Jerusarema drum

unleashing a cloud of dust its almost palpable

What a night

the gaiety of Youth

Hour 11: Narration Patulus

I could see his epiglottis

how could I not have

his upper lip almost kissing his nose

with lower lip revealing strips from last night’s dinner

he was a wonder to watch

how could he not have

left ear and shoulder tilted in greeting

as he hobbled his head in the moment

and his small eyes sparkled

without a care that he had no place to call home

this is all he had, no-one could take away from him

who could have…

Hour 9: Liquorice pipe

rubbery, greenish, blackish

mouth watered

long and sleek of two inches upwards

the long worthy trek to find you, buy you and chew on you

how rewarding for a barefoot rickety girl

thorns left no mark in the mind yet on the little feet

tuck shop owner grinning at sight of his loyal rope customer

in an ensuing silent exchange of coins and rope

each turns their back

satisfied by their priced possession

in that instant – yummy rope dumped in a pocket away from approaching playmates

this was a secret possession

so loved it was for one mouth

enjoyed in a lonely corner behind mulberry trees

Tomorrow the same trip, an amazing event to look forward to.



Hour 8: Now not wow

curvature of Earth is but a mirage

set in the miracle hall of home


Earth is crumbling, she is kneeling, we are not fleeting

we are rambling, she is pleading, we are not freaking

change is here, chance to act is now


tomorrow may not come, the marrow may be gone marrow

our bone no more


no need to turn vegetarian, we can be flexitarian

Are there scalable alternatives – or, this is all futile


the once azure sky has receded into a trance

curvature of Earth is now marred


bone marrow is no more for tomorrow

yearning we yearn – learning we shun

nature will fail to nurture…


Earth will smile again, embracing us in an enraged passion

worth each one’s effort, Be the climate action…




I’m  Chen an enthusiastic and keen listener with a passion for writing and most things outdoor. An accountant by profession here for the first time and enjoying the spontaneity of the marathon. Growing up I enjoyed reading anything I lay my hands on from our home library- anything from Shakespeare to the law of thermodynamics. Of course by then I’d no depth of most of the subjet matter (molecular volume of chlorine etc). My interest grew over the years and now I’m looking forward to publishing my debut novel. By the way, I  am Shona and about a third of my work is inspired by the wisdom of the aged around me in the cultural context. The other two thirds being distrubuted equally other sources.

Hour 4: Duck Doggen

swimming on Mars is magical

underground pools, mid air pools,

you choose which one to duck in


urinate in water, Doggen will execute you

for drink poisoning.

Hour 2: Road trip to us

My little horse must think it queer

that I tremble in fear

as I reach for the deer

to tuck it between the car front and rear


oh what a waste

one cannot but tempt to taste


the goodness of luck

all three of us leave in a truck.