Hour 1: A low of nature

A law of nature is undisputed

nomattter how low

what else can we love if we can’t love winter

love itself is unmoving

such coldness –

fractures my bones, ruptures my veins

sadness avalanches

goodbye winter

Hour 5: Scholarly nail

Jetting into intense stupidity

Mr. Sunflower gulped melted cheese

– Cheddar

creating space for a rusty nail in his satchel

what a mystery

whose mastery is yet to be discovered

He nailed it!

Hour 6:The one I was

I want to dance to this song

with the one who wooed my heart

who knows,

perhaps, but my mind was blinded in its folly

reason not fully understanding

illusion it could be

dilution of the senses

decision of one’s worth

my worth

a battle of three worlds – of three words

I miss you