Thank you

  1. making dinner

a post marathon feat

baked potatoes

now grilling the meat

its been my honor

sharing the gift

and motivating others

is really neat.

my thanks and adieu

to all you fine folks

it’s the first time my feed

has had all clean jokes.

congratulations my new friends

and carry on the tradition.

its been a blast to write and listen.


Wedding party

The barn is decorated clear up to the rafters

with greenery and flowers and ribbon everywhere.

The folks are dressed in their Sunday best

ready for a turn on the dance floor.

The fiddler is warming up some crowd pleasers.

The smell of food in the air makes the animals whine.

All part for the bride and groom!


At days end

runners of sunlight bend in the sky.

hues of purple, pink, orange and yellow.

Swirls of light and color combine

to form a heavenly view,

an earthly delight.

Inspiration for art,

and for those in despair,

that something better awaits,

after our time passes.


Midnight feeder,

morning porch booby-trapper,

you hide in plain sight.

Scaring humans much bigger

and catching insects unaware.

Your game is survival and deception.

Intricate webbing catches the light

and reveals a fortified trap.

Patiently awaiting the next meal,

and unaware of dread you create.

Beast within

Larger than life

bubbling over with ambition

full of love

and wanting to see the beauty in life.

Honest and descisive

with strong ethical ties.

Outside observers see over my head

looking for exterior beauty.

Not noticing the finely honed character

in front of their faces.

They miss the truth and embrace the fiction.

Last thoughts

Waiting for the moment of adulthood

for that time when I will feel certain.

When the doubt and fear will be

replaced by confidence and calm.

When decisions come swiftly

and are accepted without concern.

A place of righteous thought

and compassionate acts.

Where I can feel comfortable

min my own skin,

even though I’m near the end.

With skin so wrinkled and pallor so pale

I wait for the moment and exhale.

Halls of uncertainty

Halls lined with lockers

Memories of the metal clang.

Fill my mind with the dread

of the awkward feelings

caused by insecurity.

My heart pounds at the sight of the library

where I fell in love with books

and found an escape from surroundings

until I made my break.

Finding home

Driving past fields of plenty

longing for the past in our hearts.

Hoping for a taste of remembrance

through sights and smells and tastes.

New landmarks abound

making direction unclear.

Until home peers out

from the monstrous growth.

A refreshing signal

that childhood was here.

A battered life

I stand in resistance 

to the forces that would change me.

Taking blows from all sides,

my weathering shows.

I am dwarfed by the mountains

that surround my fractured soul.

Peeking out from dispair

trying to fill the hollow.

Beauty in the eyes of some

though they can see I’m weary.

The blustering wind is my company

through the tormented years.

A change is coming

now that you see me.

I have captured your eye

and I’m yours for the saving.

I am sturdy and strong

with room inside for love.

Let’s begin the healing

a gift has spared me.