Don’t Stop Beliven’

Rise up,rise up,rise up.

It’s true,
we are losing love,
we are failing words,
we are cheating ourselves,
we are competing for stupid ends.

Let’s reaffirm our faith,
once again,with bonds of love.
Let’s redraw our boundaries,
once again,with the ink of fraternity.

Let’s believe this prayer,
once again,with love and without doubt,
“Make our world one,make us one.”

Trailing through ages!

1.Crawling on the knees,
I looked up,
everything I saw,excited me.

2.Grown up,
holding my Dad’s palm,
I walked onto my school.
New lessons,
alphabets,numbers came in.

3.In the thrilling teens,
I started to sing,madly,
I loved music,
Loved it to my life,
but maths,science,english
made the villainous entry.

4.I am a fish,
taught to climb trees!

The little solace!

The city park.
It’s the playground,
for the apartment kids.
It’s the morning walk destination,
for the diabetic Dad’s and Moms.
It’s the meeting place,
for the young lovers.
It’s the place to crack old jokes,
for the men in their winters.
It’s the only place,
for all age groups,all the time.

Taking the fresh air,
from the waving trees,they move out.
to the smoke,dust and pollution,
of the modern world.

The Indian Majesty

His majesty incomparable.
He,is a paragon of musculinity,
but is tender with unfailing fidelity.
He breaks the stereotypes,
the ethereal black superiority,

But,what does he think?
Little do we think.

He dreams,
of violent trumpets,
of a muddy bath,
of caring their calves,
of a kingly wander in the forests.

We only think about ourselves,
never about them,
thus,they live,
in cages,in wood mills,in festivals.

On life(credits:T S Eliot’s “The Love Song of J.Alfred Oru frock”)

Let us go and make our visit
to the magic world,
where angels come out from formless stones.
Oh,do not ask,”What is it?”
We can go up and down,
Talking of Michelangelo.

No doubt you will forget,
to blink your eyes,
I know them all,
For I have known them all already,known
them all:
Have known the evenings,mornings,

We can together measure our life,
with coffee spoons
And talk on art,love and death.

Alone in the crowd,he saw

From the farthest corner of the crowd,
he looked at her.
Bitter anger rose in him,
“Useless”,he muttered.
He gazed at her as a brave man,
she,being the victim of
his triumphant musculinity.

Her little sister ran to him,
held his hand,
pointing the lady,she said,
“Brother,she saved our mother,
this doctor treated our mom for free.”

She passed him,
tearing his heart.

To my deep dearest

Dear grandfather whom I never saw,
I know you are seeing me
writing this letter.
Mom had told so much about you.
She told you were an exceptional father.
With tears tickling in her eyes
she recalls her days with you,
of you taking her for hunting,
gifting her ‘the famous five series’,
getting her married to the man she loved,
Taking all care of her like a Mom,
when I was in her womb.

I really miss you grandpa,
for fate never gave you that one day,
to see me and take me in your arms.
I know you are watching me
from yet another beautiful world,
I know you love me and I love you too.

Mom gave me the book you kept for me.
Love and lots of love!

The unseen scene

Pic #1

Inside the air conditioned bus,
playing ‘We don’t talk anymore’
loud in my ears,
I leaned back and closed my eyes.

A sudden break,it hurt my forehead.

Next to me,a child was looking at me, curiously,her smile enigmatic.
It was raining outside,
with raindrops
sliding down the window.
The traffic lights,
beautiful than ever before.

I have eyes,vision but was blind!

That partner i met on road.

A stony,cracky road forward,
I waited for my bus,
eagerly,without a blink of eyes.

A stray dog by my side,
he looked at me,
with intense love and hope.

A piece of biscuit,
left out of which what I ate,
I threw it to him.
Eyes filled with gratitude,
he ate that.

Hours passed,
people changed,vehicles changed,
I started walking,
with doubt and fear,
He barked,wagged his tail,
We walked,together!



A bright light,
fumes all around,
witnessing death in front of the eyes
the early living beings stayed in tight hugs.


Church bells strike violently,
Tempest gaining strength every second,
birds,animals,insects all in fury,
the mansions man carefully built,killing him.
Crying for help,holding the holy cross
they awaited death!

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