Aged to Perfection

Getting older
Why do we resist?
Have you ever considered
The alternative?

I love the idea
Of growing in years
For Wisdom comes with it
Learned through laughter and tears

I have earned every line
And every gray hair
My beauty refined
With each passing year

As time goes by
We surrender our youth
But I wouldn’t go back
To tell you the truth

I like who I am
And all that I’ve become
I’ve grown into myself
Much more than when young

I stand in my strength
My power and glory
I speak my mind
And write my own story

There are still chapters left
I’ve still much to give
I plan to contribute
For as long as I live

Age is just a number
It has no meaning really
I can do what I want
It’s all up to me

So I choose to live fully
I choose to be free
I choose new adventures
I won’t let a number define me.

Coming Into My Own

I know it is time
I am ready to fly
Spirit is supporting me
I have only to try

It all goes my way
It’s as simple as that
With God as my partner
There’s no looking back

I go where I’m called
And offer my gifts
Speaking from my soul
My intention to uplift

The good of God
In Its ever giving glory
Gives me the words
And writes my story

In joy I claim my bounty
With ease it comes to be
There’s always enough
Including plenty for me

And so it is written
And so shall it be.

In Appreciation of Rest

Oh rest
Ever elusive
How I love you

You drift in and out of my life
Teasing me playfully
Enticing me
Drawing me to you
And then slipping away

But those times
When we do connect
Are sublime
So peaceful
So refreshing
I always feel renewed
After spending time with you

I never appreciated you
When I was younger
But now
You are my dearest
My most precious friend

Living with the Heat

The anger sometimes
Is too much to take
Most times it’s simmering
Just beneath the surface
But sometimes
Only sometimes
When I can’t take any more
It’s like an erupting volcano

On those days
When he goes too far
When the humiliation is too great
I just wish I could go nuclear
I know though
That I would be the one burned
The heat and flames
Adding to my scars

So I keep it contained
Careful to bite my tongue
Taking deep breaths
And choking back the rage
I release it slowly
Like steam escaping a kettle
Meditation keeps me sane
Prayer grounds me in Truth

Anger and rage
Are not who I am
It’s just that sometimes
When living with a man
So filled up with it
Some spills over
And I can’t help being it
If some of it gets all over me.

Darkest Fears

Trapped by fear
Worry consumes me

My imagination gone wild
Tipped off the deep end
Creating scenarios
Each one worse than the last

I must get control
But that is the problem
My fears are a symptom
Of my need for control

Control and fear
They feed on each other
And so I resolve
To starve them out

Instead I surrender
Releasing control
Leaning into
Something greater than myself

Fears thrive in darkness
And as I step toward the Light
I feel them slip away
Back into the nothingness from which they came

The Light lifts me up
I reach toward freedom
Breathing a sigh of relief
And feeling renewed


Quieting my mind
I tune in
Connecting with my deepest Self
I listen with an open heart
No judgement, only Love

Listening for guidance
Trusting what I hear
Knowing that I am always connected
To my divine Source
And so Wisdom flows to me with ease

Receiving total clarity
I am filled with Grace
I relax in Peace
Knowing that all is
And always has been truly well.


I spend my days wandering
I spend my nights in fear
Wondering and pondering
How it is that I got here

Living without shelter
Is more than no roof overhead
It’s the loss of safety and security
And sometimes wishing I were dead

Every day a struggle
Hungry, tired, feeling unseen
Being treated as less than human
Just because my clothes aren’t clean

Not only is my belly empty
My heart feels hollow too
You should see the way people look at me
I wish they only knew

You don’t know my story
How I was once like you
I had it all together
And then it all fell through

So have a little compassion
And some kindness in your eyes
Remember when you look at me
That I am God in disguise


Sucked in


Eyes down


I dream of all that I could be
Of the life that I could live
If only it could be real for me
Oh what I wouldn’t give

It comes to me in visions
And wisps of imagination
I see now more clearly
I am tired of being patient

At times I am excited
At other times afraid
I don’t want regrets
Looking at the life I’ve made

Anything is possible
What a delicious thought
Immersed in this belief
I live the life I’ve sought


With faith I step forward
A deep belief in myself
Knowing nothing can stop me now
Except for myself

No turning back
Empowered and free
There’s nothing to do
Except to be me

I show up
I give it my all
No holding back
Not afraid to stand tall

I begin to live this life
Of which I’ve dreamed about
All that’s within me
I am letting it out

Being all that I am
Playing small no more
I feel such incredible Joy
As I begin to soar

Before Darkness

He stood
Before the darkness of his own mind
Arms folded
Jaw clenched
Wondering how it had gotten to this point

Once he was free-spirited
But somehow
Over time
The darkness closed in

Fear ruled his life now
Anxiety had a stranglehold
Sadness from the loss
Like a weight on his chest

Taking a stand
Willing himself to survive
He keeps his focus
On the dim flickering light
Still alive in his heart

Hope still lives within him
It fans the flame
And won’t let it go out
It will not bow down
Before darkness