The Twelfth Hour: The Fairy and the Baker

The fairy and the baker, who lived in Graham’s Hollow, never quite saw eye to eye.

You see, the fairy couldn’t handle that the baker had a power over her, and so she sent a spy.

“Why does he have this hold on me?!” The fairy wondered in her garden—

just one taste of his scone and I’m sure to give    a pardon.”

Down the cobble road, the baker sat in his kitchen, mixing butter and sugar.
“Oh surely this will shook her!“

The fairy and the baker, who lived in Graham’s Hollow, never saw eye to eye.
Because the baker stole the pixie dust and sent away the spy.


Lovers in the forbidden woods

Into the misty woods, I followed him.

His dark black wings beat and rustled up the night air.
Drawn by passion, encouraged by curiosity, deeper and deeper we went until I questioned my sanity.

Who would follow a winged stranger by moonlight?


An arm outstretched, reached back for me. Skin touching skin, electric currents reminded me why I followed.

The mist parted to reveal the grotto we hoped to find — a place where lovers could me and find reprieve.

He lay me on a bed of moss, his wings covering over my moonlight skin.

I surrender to the moment

to the guardian

to the forest of lovers.

The Hidden Shadow


touch of tropics

i step out into the night

warm sea air fills my lungs

the sea draws me in

feet step in the sand

the cloudy night hides the moon

the wind shifts and reveals the moon

and a second moon shadow

two alone on the beach at night


Firefly nights

Firefly Nights, watching the glow flash in the dusk

Bottle up the moment, it’s your last summer here

Masking the fear of the future, we listen to the bugs zoom in the steamy night air.

The heat of the day faded as the moonlight hits the tree line.
I still think of you on those warm summer nights when the fireflies come out

and moon keeps watch.

The modern Odysseus

Oh Captain! My Captain!

Our frightened faces don the salty spray;

waves do roar in thunderous swells,

and threaten to end our voyage.

Neptune’s breath sends icy chills,

but stronger hearts prevail!

Triumph, we will!

Soon, we set sail once again,

when we hear the bells of war

the pleasant ladies kiss us adieu.
but my love! My heart! My heart!

Oh like a dagger to my heart

is parting from you.

On the waters I sail

home to you

lest illness or death take me.

Season of the move

Packed up our memories

slashed through the deep roots

trying to find a home.

Tape and boxes contain the tangible.

Our hearts contain the eternal.

Journey on, homeward bound.

Hour 6: Timeless

Time is a master that never stops to rest,

But days we hide from him are the best.




Your hand in mine,  our hearts best as one.

Chasing no clock, the race? We’ve won.




We settle in for a night of connection,

Soak it up before Time comes for his collection.

Prompt 5: The Midnight Sea

A thousand stars light the way

A thousand ways to confuse the mind

Which path to take

Which light to follow?

Silence deafens us

Except for the punctuation of the oar.

The open sea

The vast night sky

Seek to swallow us whole.

We sail out to find the answers —

The answers that are hidden deep within.

A thousand stars light the way

A thousand ways to confuse the mind

Which path to take

Which light to follow?

The one that shines the brightest.

Hour 4: Dear Mama


i’m sending my letter up to the skies

to the heavens where you are

i need your hug more than ever

i’m trying to the the sails in the boat

where is the thunderous wind?

i want to tell you that you left a good map

to navigate the seas

you’re still my guiding star

my true north

to the moon and back


Hour 3: An Empty Chair Sits By the Fire

An empty chair sits by the fire

The wisdom well has run dry

The warm embrace had disappeared

When the northern compass fails to point

Where do we go?

Where do we go?



No maps or globes can help me now.

The answers I need aren’t to be found.

I must step up

And sit upon the chair

And become the strength

The source of love

And wisdom

A mother



Patience, deep breath

One, two, three

Summon the strength of those before me

Summon the love of those before me

One, two, three

Love is the answer

1 2 3 4