For Love

Lying awake late into the night

I contemplate this day in my life

Tremendous low ebb, fantastic heights

Blending the lines between joy and strife.

My thoughts rush on in free flight

This way and that, what can I reason?

Then the hint of nature’s true might

A new beginning, a new season.

Calming as the rhythmic lapping on the lake shore

Spare breezes fondling the turning leaves

A canopy of stars strengthen some more

The rising moon romantic dreams it weaves

Glory to love, let it soar!


Ned’s got her packed tight

With every pigeon hole layered

Good stuff’s hid out a sight

‘Cept fer aspirin, bayered.

Ned’s the doc and also the cook

Watch fer liniment smellin’ like oil

Don’t lose those recipes in the big book

Some is fer food, but there’s one fer a boil.

He can save you from saddle sore pain

Those first days on the trail

Don’t get no slivers nor thistles twain

‘Cause Ned’ll pull ’em ’til yer pale.

The first morning’s flapjacks

Fragrant with cinnamon

Syrup coatin’ their backs

Sure you can eat a ton.

You’re first to gather lunch wood

As Ned prepares biscuits and elk stew

You’re wantin’ chokecherry jelly if you could

Boy was that meal fit for a king, like you knew.

Ned’s got flour to his eyebrows

You can smell those apple tarts

Wish you had ice cream now

You know better ’cause you got some smarts.

Instead you sneak a second for your watch tonight

Pull out your mouth organ lullaby

And tuck those cows in plenty tight

‘Cause a stampede would yell yer good bye.

Late night boiled coffee with yer saved treat

Shortens your time on watch

But Ned’s always on his feet

Instead of restin’ in his sleepin’ notch.

Our Perfect Princess

Anticipation on a bright crisp morning

The wonder and excitement of preparation

Champagne shopping with moms and bridesmaids

Choosing gowns for Meredith to try

Everyone unique and stylish

Lovely beading, elegant embroidery

Ruching, pick-ups, covered buttons and crystals

Color palettes of almond, cream, bright white or dusty pink

Fabrics of Tinker Belle toile, taffeta, natural silk, chiffon or satin

Train, bolero jacket, fingertip veil, sweetheart strapless

So many choices for a beautiful new daughter

Tears when the loveliest bride came before the mirrors

A perfect princess, graceful and true.

Joy in her heart for her wedding day.


In a Hurry

PoetryMartathon_Prompt9  It was the top-most window on the left building

close to the inside corner, but it’s shut now.

The day was just as grey as pictured,

In fact, it was sprinkling lightly.

You could hear people arguing over taxis,

and running to those who stopped.

He was in a hurry to get somewhere, but

there was nothing he could do.

He hit the glass frontal twice and

did not die on impact.

I watched him pass my window

wondering what could possibly

have been so wrong with his life

that two broken legs could charm away.


The Path to Nowhere

Banked with hedges high,

Azaleas pink and white.

Lined with bark fine and red

The path began its journey.

Uneven cairns of small stones

Like tiny cottages along

Unseen borders of a road.

Scuffing shoes as we

Peered along curiously.

Halfway down the curving ess.

A marble bench for a rest.

Picnic lunch with cool drinks

Sitting poised to catch sight.

Verdant beauty enclosing

A circle of blooming trees.

Dogwoods, camellias, holly too

Red bud and gardenias.

Dappled sunshine crowned them.

Enchanted as a fairy garden.

Buzzing bees in sweet aromas.

Strolling on to large moss covered

Boulders blocking further progress.

Gazing in surprise and wonder.

Behind them a majestic thirty foot

Magnolia, its shiny leaves sparkling.

Underneath broad spreading

Branches, a soft damp leafy carpet.

The fairy village must be hidden.

For the path leads to a

Secret somewhere.

Note: I grew up in Montana on the Continental Divide with 9 months of snow and slush.  I moved to Charlotte,NC and lived nearby in Mt. Holly for 5 years where it was green all year around.  Real culture shock!

Sensuous Elephant

Versatile giant, the elephant in the room,

Piano in my head, my sensuous corner,

Improvising tunes on patterns of black and white,

Nothing memorable but the lovely mellow tones,

Rippling arpeggios, majestic chords like cathedral chimes.

Such a slow-passing long time since I played her.

Remembering why I need her and why she’s mine.

Her sound my soul in song

Singing lullabies, carols, hymns, arias

Pink glow of satisfaction, release, healing, peace.

Making life whole, my sensuous fulfillment.


Across the waving grain, I see the deer stealing a snack.  Puffy seeds from the Cottonwoods swirl through the air looking for landing.  The sun greets the new day, sparkling in the lazy waters of the river.  Beyond the  trees the cool distance tempts me.  The unpredictable music of nature cycles harmoniously and I long to be free as the deer.

Mystic mountain peaks

Cloud-rimmed indigo shadows

Reach far, majesty

Techno Babble

Folks used to use the typewriter

Fine technology that was

Now when my fingers type

I can’t feel them pressing down

Where’s the clickety-clack?

Television I can take or leave

Commercials are so boring

I’d rather sleep, or read a book.

This all can be so wearing.

Remote controllers are so overbearing.

Computers and cell phones

Have way too many buttons

My knowledge has no Polish logic

There’s little help to be found

Unless you have a young child around.

Now a dishwasher, refridge, an oven,

A washer/dryer, or water heater,

I would never give away; for everyone knows,

That technology makes my day.

My Dear One

Companion, dear one, always by my side

Enthusiastic greetings on my return

Escorting each piano student to the bench

Relaxing under the piano to listen to their progress

Praise and kisses every week, even with wrong notes

Black hair on white carpet, head upon my knee

Ear rub until he melts to the floor like hot fudge

In his sleep, running out to play fetch the tennis ball

Chasing rabbits, his hind legs twitching

Now in perfect form and health

Waiting at the rainbow bridge ahead of me, Angus,

We will know each other when we meet, never to separate again.

Before Darkness

Preparations must be made

Candles lit, pull the shades

Silhouettes of scary scenes

Costume, yes, on cane I lean

Make-up green, nose with wart

Eerie sounds out on the porch

Witch’s brew bubbles at the ready

Treats and cobwebs for the steady

Children who will come tonight

Trick or treating, a delicious sight!

Running quickly from door to door

Trying to collect more and more.