The Baby Came

The baby came.

But first he came,

and before that they loved

and before that they came together

married; but first they fell in love

and lastly, they met.


The dragon fears what it cannot see, but I will not allow such things to hold me back.

I will see into the future, see how my actions influence others, see how I am a ripple

in a larger body of water than I can ever imagine. I will not be afraid to confront

myself and others. It is the only way to grow.


It’s not that school was easy or that every moment was perfect, but I learned so much from those who walked with me wh

I Don’t Know

Did we dance around each other too long?

I don’t know.


Did I miss your desire for me?

I don’t know.


Did you try and catch me?

I don’t know.


Could we have had love together?

I don’t know.

Little Cabin in the Valley

Do you remember the little cabin out in the valley?

Remember how the snows would come rushing through with howling noise that sent us running for the warmth of that cabin?

Nights were long and cold, but the stars shone bright and the wonders of the universe spreaded from our doorstep.

Those cold nights warm me even now from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. Without them I would have frozen long ago.

Cannot Tell

I cannot tell you how I miss you.

Cannot explain how my heart quickens

at the thought of your voice; how

my stomach clenches with anticipation

at the thought of your gaze.

I cannot tell you how you made

me laugh. Bright days of summers

past are now too far to recall.

I cannot tell you how I love you.

Life Cycle

This is life.

First the leaves rustle,

gentle with the promise

of more to come. Then

a crow calls lifting itself

above the boughs and rustling

leaves. On the covered ground

animals scurry into hiding or

flee across the way. Orange and

red blazes through, leaving

smoldering black in its wake.

Finally the sky turns gray and the

rain drops down. The earth hisses and

steams. Then, the green begins to grow.

Life begins again.