Passion for History

My passion for history reaches for knowledge of centuries that were told before. I have other passions and other hobbies but never beats the love for history. It is not a mystery that I love researching the prehistory or listen to symphonies that were written in the papers of history. A wise man once said that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” and thus don’t want to see the defeat of learning about our past and turn it into a misinformed tweet on Twitter. I love learning about wars and battles, I love learning about the endeavors that shaped countries and we will learn the mistakes and successes forever. However, we must look deeper into history so we don’t miss the victory of learning what was once a person’s documentary that is written for us to see and grow as better people and have the next generation be more equipped than you and me.

Poem about my creatures that I call Fearful Muffins and this poem is from my character in my story :D

I will call them The Muffins. Glory creatures that are made from the heart of the earth.
NAY You would say. They sound like Hawks and made of ROCKS

Fear the Muffins, blase and cold.
Cold as rocks, sounded like a hawk
Fear the Muffins, I beg you.
Bring your cocoa, and don’t take a photo.
Bobo, the Hobo took once a yo-yo.
And feared the day that he needed to go-go.
Nothing is more feared than the Muffins.
I beg you, fear the Muffins.
The Rubble of the bubbles.
Babble the bobble, couple of bobbles.
Watch out for your muscles and your rumbles.
Wobble the humble and snuggles of the troubled.

It is a struggle to befuddle a Muffin.
Troubles and struggles would be all in jumbles.
Knuckles and muzzles would fly!
Married couples would giggle and be puzzled.
Mess with the Muffins, you surely would ask for trouble.
Humble the Muffins are, the bubbles and rumbles are puzzled.

Nay, you would say.
The Muffins are merely friendly and kindly creatures.
Go ask your teachers, preachers, leaders, and seekers.
Seekers and the common believers.
The Muffins are feared and would stab you with a spear.
I am making myself clear? Or I am going through your ears?
Stear clear of the Muffins.
Be clear, to not be near a Muffin during the year.
Once, you are there, you would disappear and reappear.
You will have a souvenir of your ear in a box. And a photo of a laughing Fox.
Ask your peers and they would hear.
Stay clear of the Muffins throughout the year.

Why a photo of a fox and why does the Muffins sound like hawks?
The Muffins send them in a mail box or send them in a pressing box.
They giggle and gurgle over the person that unlocks the box.
They steal pencil boxes and music boxes.
Cereal boxes and deposit boxes. And sometimes even the telephone box.
I know that is unorthodox and I hoped you like these talks.
Since, the mice and princes are raising.
And the ocean is behaving.
I beg to you stranger, beware the Muffins.
I will say adieu and God bless you, you silly little Baboon.
Please, don’t refute my warnings and accuse me as a fool.
I salute you and have a great honeymoon.

Quote Poem

A wise person once said that “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything” and I agree with it. It is like going into a store and not voicing your opinion on a ring that you asked for and going for it because you don’t want more of it. Not standing for something is like commanding a nation that is on the blink of misunderstanding and it is outstanding to be demanding a cause that you wouldn’t stand for without having the footing so you can keep your feet on the ground for.

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”
― Gordon A. Eadie

Gandhi once said

Gandhi once said, that you should “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. I thought this quote was clever and I respect his endeavor and agree with whichever quote that I read from Gandhi. It goes with the you reap what you sow quote from the Bible and I think that makes you grow into a person that is well known and you start to glow into a person that is mindful of their actions and focus not on the factions that people are divided on.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


I played Smite for 8 years. I always wanted to be a professional gamer and hear the people’s cheers. I meet great people from the game and got introduce to my crush. Oh, hope I love Smite to play a god or two. Grinding diamonds is what I do. Maybe, do some comp after this. I would feel at bliss when I get on the game

Prompt 12: Traveler

I always wanted to be a wandering traveler going to distant places and meeting new faces. Going to nations and places that I never been before. Eating some great food and seeing places that were aged by creation and mankind. And when or if I go to places and travel the world and see different nations, I would surely have more gratitude.

Where I want to be

Where I want to be is fill with lovely trees and meadows that are beautiful green. Maybe it is in Germany or maybe somewhere that is fictional it seems. Fictional land that is set in the future or fantasy. Maybe set in the four nations of Avatar: The Last Airbender or maybe set in Gotham City. There is a lot of places that I want to go but I know for sure that if I went to a place or a fictional space then I would surely enjoy.

How I view my crush

I am a fool for you, fool for your brown eyes and beautiful smile. I bet that all of the guys would love to see the sunrise and see those beautiful brown eyes. Even when we small talk, starts the butterflies and I got hypnotized by you. I love your blue hair and I can be your teddy bear. From years ago, I didn’t have a shot but now I just want to give you the tender loving care and be your care bear. And from the first message that I sent you, I would still take you on that date if I was in your state


I promote nonviolence. It is the loudest whisper in the raging storm. If you think my silence equals to violence then you are mistaken. I am silently asking for no more wars, no more fighting or asking for more conflict. I am silently waiting and watching and looking for more solutions to the problems and stop the fighting. I agree and disagree that silence in situations is violence but thinking of ways to educate and collaborate is always the best way to go against violence tyrants. Educate and collaborate and speak up against hate but don’t sled blood is the way to remove the hate. Fix the ideology but don’t forget the man, but hate the ideology that taints the man.

Poppy Fields

Poppies in the field. Poppies here and near. They are far away and close to stay. Oh, how I love to see the poppies in the field and see the tree swing like they want to play in the air. Sitting on my deck chair watching the black bears and white hares running through the fields without despair. Oh, how i love to see the poppies fields and forebear thoughts that I bear from yesterday and declare the state of being aware whilst seating in this armchair.

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