Yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah

I’m sitting in this chair

Yeah yeah yeah

Wind through my hair

It’s a sunny sunny day

And so happy I’m gonna stay

Yeah yeah yeah

Drinking a cool drink

Sipping on it as it drips

Down into my chair I slip

Yeah yeah yeah

Piles of miles

And smile and wiles

All through your lies

All in the skies

Yeah yeah yeah

New Jersey in the heat

Cold cold drinks

And hot Hot meat



#2 a post about love

The wind in my face

Cool dew in the air

Nothing more fair

Nothing more fair

The sound of a gull

So intense and so true

Brings me back to you

Brings my heart back to you

A wonderful glow

Time immemorial knows

But every new time

Joy only grows

This ability for beauty

Everyone knows

With fire

I love thee


For wealthy


Be healthy

And while

We beat feet


Hell free

And tires

Which pop me

Can’t tire

My bellfree

It’s funny

And healthy

I missed my

First hour

Of poetry




Damn rain

You feed the flowers
Nourish the soil
But your falling drops

Only bring me toil

Thunder roll
Do your best
While go back
To sleep and rest