I miss you, Mother

I regret most truthfully

that I stayed away from you

most of the time.

That I was not able to tell you

a hundred times that

I love you.

Tho’ it’s rather late

don’t please deny me to tell you

that I miss you, that I love you

My only consolation is –

you’re happy where you are now

We will see each other again

But until then, just this –

I love you Mother, au revoir


Dear Life,

I owe you

a Thank You and a Promise.

Thank You for all the lessons you gave me

when I fell down.

I Promise you

that I won’t give you the chance

to make me fall twice for the same reason

So help me God.


From hereon I will love myself more

will respect my own persona,

will appreciate my struggles and come out victorious

will make my world a very wholesome place to be in,

will keep all my friends and family alike nearer,

nearest to my heart as they’re the witness

to the travails and hardships

I’ve been thru these past days (thank you)

Let it be known that I chose to face irritants in the future

head on, heads up, and a stronger heart and mind

to boot,

With the love and guidance of our Omnipotent One.




I dreaded closing the door

and opening it to the future

But I took a deep breath

I stepped on thru and started,

after so much procrastinating

A new chapter, a new life

And you know what?

There’s no dread, no fear, scaredless,

and no holding back now

A new beginning, a new hope





I thought I was ready

On Death, my ready quip if ever a question was posed on me:

“I am ready, anytime, anywhere. My only wish is

let it be an instant, painless going away.”

But my mettle was tested 2 days ago.

Going down from 18th floor of our building,

I noticed that the lift was acting strange.

True to form, a fast and sudden jolt downward and stopped abruptly

No indication on what floor, no sound nor motion, nothing.

I pressed the emergency button.

An alarm sounded but another heavy jolt

and downward motion followed again.

My composure was shaken with every jolt

and downward motion, of course.

Is this my end?

Although it’s instant (whew!) and painless (?),

I come to thinking that slow death is not my cup of tea too.

I again pressed the red button and another alarm sounded

but no help came and another jolt

and the lift stopped at the 5th floor and opened its door.

I immediately got out of the lift, dashed for the stairs,

and now the alarm is on.

This, I think, is His way of telling me –

“You’re full of yourself, here’s for your high talks”

All my bravado went down the drain

Proceeded to the stairs, a welcome sight!

Slowly, one step at a time (shaking), reached my floor, 2nd

Humbly, I declared that I am not ready as I claimed

I was a scaredy-cat, my knees shook and turned to jelly

Sat down on the steps and heaved a sigh of relief.

So, still humble and boast-less, mumbled a prayer

“Lord, let Your will be done.”



… sun rays streaming down my open windows

… sounds of children laughing, playing with their hearts’ ¬†content

… distant sound of honking of horns

… 3 scoops of Honey Dew ice cream

… ticking of a silent clock

… readiness of a key to open pronto an unsuspecting lock

… hearing a favorite tune playing

… a call from someone dear, a text maybe, or chat, unexpected email

… a welcoming bed with my huggables

… a breath of fresh air after a long trek

… a bowlful of kiwis and mangosteens

… a Cadbury, dairy milk and fruit and nut

… stack of good books to be read

… a good comfy Converse

… a welcome stillness with a whiff of cold air

… an unhindered trip to Haven

My list … endless

Keep it coming


The Platinum Rule –

treat others as THEY wanted to be treated

as against

The Golden Rule –

treat others as YOU wanted to be treated

What is it then?

Platinum Rule is respect for others and self-effacing

while Golden Rule is self-preservation and self-respect.

The Latter, YOU is a resolute whereas

The Former is a reaction from a perception of people

you run counter with

The Former a pleaser, the Latter, a take-it-or-leave-it stance.

Whichever, one thing for sure

you cannot be a Platinumist (is there such a word?)

and a Goldener (stretching too far!) at the same time.


Give it to me

let me feel your awesomeness,

fill me with all its splendor, its wholeness

Give it to me

and allow me to envelop him with all my womanhood

enter unhesitantly, deeper, to the dark recesses of hidden pleasure

Give it to me

thrust into me, vigorously, unrelenting

thrust into me, to the titillating culmination

thrust into me, to the rhythm of combined heartbeats,

labor breaths, pulsating

thrust into me, to the ultimate sighs, moans,

tight embraces, uncontrollable, penetrating kisses

Give it to me

the juices that make it alive

the juices that pour out lovingly, sensuously, languorously,

and the clashes, and subsequent merging of bodies,

intertwine, as one heart, one body, one soul…

Yes, oh yes, give it to me…NOW!

16 AN ODE TO MY 2/3

He’s an spitfire

LITERALLY, figuratively.

He could double the 360 degree

For half of your effort.

He’s an inquisitor

He could make you groping for words

to come up

With plausible replies to his questions.

He’s a thinker

But you would not dare to know

what he’s up to

He’s a lovable tyke

He’s the one who would not hesitate to say

“I love you too” without proddings.

He would not hurt a fly (hmm..)

But could make his contemporaries

catching for dear breath with one

of his “playful” punch

He loves dogs, specifically, or animals in general

He would cuddle a canine,

anytime you give him the go

or even a No.

He’s sweet, caring

That every time he sees you with his Mom’s things,

he’ll not let you forget it.

He’s a child of 7

But a mind of a 37.

Be sure to be armed with high-fallutin’ words (conio style)

Or he would beat you into it, effortlessly

He could out-discoursed you in any given time/subject

Provided, you “peaked” his interest, and

he’ll get something out of the situation.

He’s a big bro to his younger sibling,

if he CHOOSES to

But most of the time…. well, next subject please.

He could make you laugh, or even cry

Or just plain exasperated

Altho’ he’s an all¬†-out pleaser.

Jonathan Nepomuceno II, a.k.a. ‘Kuya’ Nate,

You’re all those and more

And given another go to being your ‘Loli Moms’ to you

hands down, arm outstretched,

A hundredfold YES!

You’ll be always my 2/3 Love

And don’t you forget it!


Who wants to be reminded

that you’re getting on age?

That you’re lots and lots older now,

from the day you were born?

From a very active lifestyle

To a humdrum existence

To a recurring sore knees

To an unclasped fists

To memories left outside the door

To undecided steps?

From pigging out to minimalist food intake?

From rare headache pill to multiple maintenance?

From a multi-tasker to a “one-at-a-timer” please?

From infinitesimal sensitivity

To a “cry me a river” scenario?

From an unstoppable flicks watching and

insatiable book reading

To a bespectacled, myopic-eyed self?

From a more than 10 hours sleep

To a 5 or a blinker?

Who would?

Not I said the “Bornee”

Not I said the “Celebrator”

Not I said the “Septuagenerian-NOT”!

Age is just a number, really

Dance and sing to your heart’s content

Eat everything else, remember,

you have your maintenance

Getting old? It’s all in the Mind!

Enjoy to the fullest..

So Happy birthday to you, you Gorgeous, Pretty,

Sexy ME!!!

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