Fairies at Dawn in June

Periwinkle hue

Reveals the truth.

Twilight fairies gather round the morning dew

As they know their work in nature turns

To napping soon.


Untouched by light,

Time is slipping

Giving away the night.

Night shift ends, these fairies take flight.


What’s left for the morning fairies?

The weaving of and wonderful start of

Another golden day

In precious June.


Mary Gabis



Words flowing from pen,

Evoked from my heart, mind’s eye

Memoirs of my soul

Eve Remillard



Wish You Were Here

I come home, the house dark and still.

I eat my dinner and watch the news, wishing to discuss this crazy world.

I read in bed, my cold feet wanting the warmth of yours.

I turn out the light and say goodnight to you aloud, missing your endearments.

I lay on my side of the bed, wanting the comforting pressure of your back against mine.

I wake from a dream, in tears, calling out your name.

Wish you were here.*

*Based on the title of the book by Stewart O’Nan

Eve Remillard


I Am My Daughter’s Mother

I am my daughter’s mother.

I still dream. She follows her dreams.

I am my daughter’s mother.

I read to get lost in other times and places. She reads to understand the psyche.

 I am my daughter’s mother.

I observe life so that I may write. She finds adventure so that she may write.

I am my daughter’s mother.

I once taught and guided her. She now teaches and guides me.

I am my daughter’s mother.

I pray for her safety, love, and happiness. She prays I take care of myself.

I am my daughter’s mother.

I am her mother, a giver of life to her. She is my daughter, a life gift to me.

Eve Remillard




Clear and Crystal

My first friend,

My best friend


Sensitive soul,

Tough cookie


Secret sharer,

Secret keeper


Eyes deep like the ocean,

Eyes crisp like the midnight sky


Rules and games,

Nature’s way





Big brother,

Little sister


Mary Gabis





Her eyes were a watery blue,

Reflecting her emotions,

Her gentleness for me,

Her granddaughter.


His eyes were marble blue,

Reflecting his appreciation of life,

His love of friendship with me,

His old friend.


Her eyes were deep blue,

Reflecting her inner strength,

The gifts of grace she shared with me,

Her godchild.


His eyes are sky blue,

Reflecting his quiet presence,

The strength of his soul as he loves me,

His companion.


Blue eyes…windows to souls whom I adore…


Eve Remillard




My heart cries

a quiet song

in the dark

of the night

where no one

can hear

but my soul

and my


Eve Remillard


The Bus

(Based on the painting by Frida Kahlo)

I sigh as I board the bus

on my way to the market,

my basket over my arm.

I notice,

as I do with everything in my life,

the irritation I feel

toward the others who share my bench.

Their open faces,

comfort with their own bodies,

while I age and

wear my unhappiness like a cloak.


I will plan a meal

for a man I once loved.

He will gobble it down


scraping his plate clean.

He will wipe his mouth

and grunt as his chair

moves away from the table.


I will wash the dishes

while he reads paper,

rustling the pages

and sighing as though he has

the weight of the world

upon his shoulders.


We will go to bed,

barely a word spoken

between us

our backs to each other,

not touching.


And I will remember

how he once

hungered for me

in my youth, my beauty.

Now my heart is as heavy

as my child-stretched middle

Both aching and empty

From lack of love,

His touch.


Eve Remillard


Mount Skinner

Flutter, flutter, crisp and soft

Across the path flies a moth

Glittering wings nearly collide with a bee

Under the pines, a canopy of trees

Hearing the birds sing their songs,

This magical sight is for us to savor

All summer long.

Mary Gabis


Devil’s Advocate

What if…

What if you succeeded?

What if they mean it?

What if you’re capable?

What if you’ll feel better?


Remember the time you tried it anyway and succeeded?

Remember the time you trusted and learned?

Remember the time you went for it and surprised yourself?

Remember the time that was all you needed?


What if…


Mary Gabis


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