Its There. (Poem 10)

One dark night

I saw it’s red eyes

Why? I do not care

If i did, the darkness would reach for me

Whether I run, walk, it will claim my soul

It knows of things I have yet to be done

To love, cry or being sinful

Seeking thy undone

Until the day I’m shunned

What I did While Stuck at Home (Poem 9)

Finally watch the sci-fi series ‘Firefly’

It was canceled all to soon.

Research what happened to the cast of ‘Zoom’

I watched it as a kid in the afternoon.

Recently was asked about the movie, ‘Mask’

Jim Carrey is such a loon

Tried to watch, ‘Heat’

But the wife wanted, ‘The Blue Lagoon’

The movie gave me a huge sense of lethargy

I rather watch the long version of ‘Dune’

Then came ‘Message in a Bottle’

Oh, come on!  I’m gonna watch some cartoons

For some strange reason

My wife thinks I’m a buffoon

Hell, I would eat porridge

Than be a love sick goon

I’m going up to the cottage

I told her, she said, ‘How about Cancun?’

We’re stuck at home, remember.




Field of Memories (Poem 8)

I stand in a field

Beautiful nature is revealed

Blue sky brightens my day

The sun heats my face with it’s rays


The barley stretches beyond my sight

Looking like liquid gold of delight

Once knew a girl with that color of hair

Our encounter was a brief affair


During the days of summer and endless nights

Her face would read of things concise

Time seemed to stand still

Even when we would make love on that hill


We were sorrowed to say goodbye

Knowing our hearts of love were supplied

Her life had a different course

She explained with remorse


I still see her every now and then

That’s why i come here again and again

Upon this glamours area of barley

It’s as pretty as my Carly


Yes, I gaze over this sight of treasury

After all, it’s a field of memories

Stupid Jawbreaker (Poem 7)

Saw it in a bowl, looked wonderful

Many different ones, all colorful

Grabbed one, shoved it in my mouth

Taste was something I couldn’t do without

Bit down-oh, hard as a rock

Pain was a bit of a shock

Crack- broke a tooth

This piece of candy, made it come loose

This is supposed to break my jaw

Then it could be my flaw

That I cannot handle

This sugar-coated vandal

Why? (Poem 6)

If darkness flows from a river in the heart,

Why is the blood red or blue?


If the ungodly lurks in the mind of man and woman,

Why is childhood blamed for the crimes?


If emptiness fills your stomach,

Why is there an appetite for destruction?


If the heart is the true killer,

Why does depression bring on aggression?


Drowning sorrow in a glass of booze,

Thinking you have nothing to loose,

Why have you already lost yourself?


If we take the ‘D’ from ‘devil’,

We’re left with ‘evil’,

However, if we turn it around

We’re left with ‘live’,

Add the ‘D’ back in

We have ‘lived’

Why do these four words exists within each other?

Cruse and Madness (Poem 5)

Will the heavens curse thee

I know not my destiny

For madness has stolen upon me


My brother’s wife, I adore

Lustful thoughts my mind implores

Will the heavens curse thee


I know, he’d be gone, she’d be mine

He stands before me, deeply unloved

For madness has stolen upon me


My heart feels, no more brother

Only enemy- Fiend!

Will the heavens curse thee


His face resembles not I

Rotting flesh of dead

For madness has stolen upon me


Two drinks, one for beauty

One for death

Will the heavens curse thee

For madness has stolen upon me

Yes, She Says (Poem 4)

Yes, she says

When I saw her across the room

Yes, she says

As we met where the flowers bloom

Yes, she says

When I put the rose in her hair

Yes, she says

As I touched her with tender care

Yes, she says

When I drew her near

Yes, she says

As she trembles without fear

Yes, she says

Yes, she says

Yes, she says

As we kiss..

Yes, she says

When she says nothing at all.

Losing to Addiction (Poem 3)

The peaceful heavens above will curse me

For I have taken another hard drink

Bright golden light, i will never see

Into a dark bloody abyss, i sink


My mind is molted with red and black

Every sin arouses my beating heart

Fear is stabbing, painfully on my back

While muscles and limbs are torn apart


Angels playing harps, I will never hear

Beautiful white clouds won’t hold me afloat

For eternity, I’ll wish i was there

Instead, my soul rests in a bloody moat


I’ve been told, hell is for heroes

It’s for us plain zeroes

Into an Abyss (Poem 2)

Into an abyss, I fall

Red and black shadow my mind

For sanity has departed

Senses of realism turns horrid

I shake, I stir

I moan, I tremble

In a forgotten realm

Blood pounding in my veins

Urging to kill, feed, and bathe

With eternal flames of ice

Damnation to concede

Sinful desires of need

Ripping flesh, sounds of pain

Pain, feeling of dread

Dread, emotion of death

Death, certainty of the end

Only to begin, again

Into an abyss, I fall