You Are Invited …

You are invited …

Prompt 27 and 28, Hour 22

Write a nature poem set in a city.


Write a poem about technology in the context of nature

The other day, I received a wedding invitation,

To a wedding that may seem beyond comprehension,

Technology was the groom, young and dashing,

Nature was the bride, pretty and blushing,

Environmentalists and Technologists and tons of other people,

Attended the wedding and blessed the happy couple,

Wish their bond stays strong forever and ever,

Technology taking care of Nature, that will be a world saver.

Staying Alive

//Prompt 30 – Hour 24 – write a poem with the title of a 70’s or 80’s – pop rock anthem//

They are “Staying Alive”….

Good Luck! to the Brilliant Coral Reefs…

Hats Off! to the Sacred Ibis Birds…

Kudos! to the Ethereal Corspe Flowers…

Cheers! to the Majestic Amur Leopards…

Bravo! to the Lonely NZ Baylisiana Trees…

Buck Up! to the Atlantic North Whales…

God Bless! … The Innumerable Endangered Species…

Of the Living and Non-Living World…

Nearing Extinction are some more Amazing Elements like – Zinc, Arsenic, Silver, Diamonds and Gold…

Against all Odds – Pollution, Deforestation, Erosion, Encroachment, Poaching, Over-Fishing, Desertification, Tourism, Concretization, Natural and Manmade Disasters…

They are “Staying Alive” …

(Only if we help in Sustaining, Protecting these Endangered Species and Elements…)



I was a Wandering (Hermit) Crab

Prompt 29 Hour 23

Write a poem about your childhood


1. My friend’s childhood memories seem so drab,

Contrast to my childhood – ‘coz I was like a wandering hermit crab,

2. Born a Cancerian – Crab being the sunsign symbol,

Through the years I have had many a fall and stumble,

3. Our family had to cope with the “transferable job” my father had,

Leaving a just-settled-home was always sad,

4. Upon each new job posting, we had a new house in a new town,

New school with new friends, life full of up and down,

5. Nomadic life taught this Crab valuable lessons,

To stay strong and count only the blessings.












Prompt 26 – Hour 21

The prompt this hour is simple: write a poem about an animal. It can be from the animal’s perspective, or from your perspective

The sky darkens, the wind blows

The peacock feathers bloom like a rose…

Droplets pitterpatter on the window pane

The peacock dances gracefully in the rain…

Worshipped by Roman, Hindu, Greek, Christian forefathers

The peacock flaunts its vibrant feathers…

Symbol of royalty, immortality, luck and gain

The peacock beautifully prances in vain…





Indeed there will be time – T.S.Eliot


Prompt 25 Hour 20

Read the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot and use any of the lines, words, or phrases it contains, to write your own poem (Italicize Eliot’s lines)


And indeed, dear husband, there will be time, 

As soon as our Baby falls asleep

Time to relax and have some wine

As soon as our Baby falls asleep…

There will be time, there will be time

As soon as our Kid starts school

I will go back to work again and you work harder for an extra dime

As soon as our Kid starts school…

And time yet for a hundred indecisions

As soon as our Teenager goes to college

We will follow his dreams and aspirations

As soon as our Teenager goes to college…

Time for you and time for me

As soon as the Young One marries

Just you and me, with unanswered queries

As soon as the Young One marries…

Indeed there will be time

As soon as the clock stops its chime…as soon as ….



My Question To Beginning And End

Note: I love both the prompts 23 and 24 of the Hour 19 … so please let me write poems on both prompts !

Prompt 23 – Rewriting Beginning and End poem with a positive vibe…**************

In the beginning there was Darkness…

In the end Light awakened Darkness from its deep slumber

In the beginning there was Infinity…

In the end there is Infinity times Infinity

In the beginning there was Negative and Positive in Equal Balance…

In the end Negative and Positive have become One Immense Power

In the beginning there was an Order to the Universal Chaos…

In the end the Chaos manifested itself into Universal Order

In the beginning there was Creation…

In the end there will still be Creation


Prompt 24 – Pick a poem by another author and then write a poem as a response to it – Here I have chosen a funny little poem by an Indian author and poet P. L. Deshpande, who was fondly called Pu.La. for short, who wrote mostly in the Marathi language which happens to be my mother tongue. The translation of the poem and my response to it is as below: ******************************

I said to the setting Sun,

“See you again Tomorrow”,

And the Sun asked me,

“Are you Sure?”,

The Sun thinks that I am too old, to see another day’s light,

But I think the Sun is older than me,

Perhaps it is he who will not make it through another night !

My Response to both the Sun and the Poet: ————-

The World needs both the Poet and the Sun,

For, if it wasn’t for the Sun, who will bathe the Poet’s mind in creative light?

And if it wasn’t for the Poet, who will glorify the Sun in verse and song?



To My Dear Poetry Marathon


Prompt 22, Hour 18

Write an epistolary poem: A poem that is a letter to someone or something…begin with Dear…


23 June 2019,

Pune, India.

Dear Poetry Marathon,

Since past 18 hours, Creativity is full-on,

You have Ignited our Poetic Minds,

Released us from boring daily grinds,

You have taken us on a thrilling ride,

Through Dreams, Aspirations, Perspectives deep and wide,

Thank you Poetry Marathon,

For this Beautiful Innovative-Dawn !

Yours Rhymingly,



Riot of colors or a woman’s mind ?


Prompt 21, Hour 17

Use one or more of the following images as a jumping off point to write a poem


A riot of bright colors

A collage of vibrant dreams

A rollercoaster of emotions

A garden of positive thoughts

A universe of beautiful creations

This is how a woman’s mind looks like


Physically Here, Mentally There, Spiritually Everywhere

Prompt 20, Hour 16

I want you to write a poem about a journey, a literal or metaphorical one, but you cannot use the word journey or trip in the poem


Squat crosslegged, backbone erect, shoulders pushed back slightly

Eyesight straight ahead, close eyes gently /

Deeply breathe in, deeply breathe out

Oblivious to time and whereabout /

Imagine … Physically here but Mentally there

There on top of a mountain, the wind in your hair /

There on a sandy beach, hear the sea gull’s shrill cry

There under the night sky, looking up at the stars that mystify /

There in dense forests, birds butterflies flutter among green trees

Mind flies Anywhere, Somewhere, Everywhere…and Life gets a new lease /

Imagine … Mentality there and Spiritually everywhere !






The Beginning Of The End -AND- The End Of The Beginning

Hour 15 Prompts

Prompt 18: The Beginning

Write a poem set before the world as we know it came to be. It can be set in the blackness of space, it can involve the big bang or genesis, or anything you imagine.

Prompt 19: The End

Write a poem set after or during the apocalypse.


In the Beginning….

There was Darkness

There was Infinity

There was Negative and Positive in Equal Balance

There was No Earth, No Life

There was Order in the Universal Chaos – the Order that enabled Creation


In the End….

There is still Darkness – in Hearts, Minds and Souls

There is still Infinity – of Greed, Crime and Corruption

There is still Negative and Positive in a Power Struggle

There is still no guarantee that Earth and Life will Survive/Exist

There is still Universal Chaos in the Order – the Chaos that will enable Destruction