Ballad 2

I miss thee terribly:

You can ne’er be farther from touch;

I wish thou I can see,

Let me within thy arms to be.


8:00 PM Poem

Elizabeth Wingert

This is my final poem for the marathon. It’s been so much fun doing it all! Thank you to those who commented on some of my poems and for those who have allowed me to participate. Good luck to all who are continuing!!



Tanka 2

Step here and look down-

Tell me, what is it that you see?

From it, life above,

Beneath it, lies those you once knew:

The earth holds both life and death.


7:00PM Poem

Elizabeth Wingert

Illuminate (Acrostic)

I can see it in the water:

Light that shines bright in mine eye;

Let if stay for the day

Until it sinks bellow the horizon,

May it flourish for now.

can see it in the leaves:

Never to reach the other side,

Amazment as I stand in shade,

Thankful it shall be there

Every day of light.


6:00 PM Poem

Elizabeth Wingert

Rain and Sun (Diamanté)


clear and blue

sad, wet, slow-moving skies

but the light is always there

glowing leaves, happy, open

yellow and white


5:00 PM Poem

Elizabeth Wingert


Many people are binded within these sheets,

Open the covers and you shall know all:

Their life journey, to each other, they meet.

This small young boy has long lived on the streets,

Raised himself not long after he could crawl.

Many people are binded within these sheets.

Disposition kind, a smile of sweet,

She worked hard on the farm, you may recall.

Their life journey, to each other, they meet.


Though he may have shiny spoons and fine seats,

His compassion could never be so tall.

Many people are binded within these sheets.


The right of words she writes: it shall repeat!

But she can’t escape the deep fertile walls.

Their life journey, to each other, they meet.

Only four of them, this poem completes,

But there is no more room to be installed.

Many people are binded within these sheets;
Their life journey, to each other, they meet.

4:00 PM Poem

Elizabeth Wingert

This poem is based off the characters of book I wrote. 

Ladybug (Haiku)

Look closely, you’ll see,

A lovely thought crawling here

Colors red and black.


These small things bring joy;

Do not spread your wings and leave:

Stay a bit longer.


3:00 PM Poem

Elizabeth Wingert

Wandering (Acrostic)

Willow bark topped with leaves

And glazed with golden sun,

Never was there another place

Dominated by the most lovely of life.

Energy and peacefulness is all around;

Riches of gold are no compare.

am lost, of course, but I care not,

Nothing else shall make me happy:

Green life widens my mind.

2:00 PM Poem

Elizabeth Wingert

The High Blue Sea (Sonnet 15)

Now sailing on a white sea above thou

Knowing I can only be farther still

As I look to see what is not there now,

I wonder how long ‘til life my sight fill.

Giver of life in one form do I rest,

And here rest souls with end of life do hold.

To thou, I say, as in thy grounded nest:

I wish thou art here in this place of gold,

So this amazement I feel thou will feel

And then no longer will ye be away.

Oh please, be here, so my heart can be sealed

From the search of thee that caused me such fray.

But when I return to the high blue sea

I know I shall be on my way to thee.

1:00 PM Poem

Elizabeth Wingert




Fire bright at top,

Colored waterfall does form,

Time takes to the end

Leaving still hue spilled about:

This small flame is out.

12:00 PM Poem

Elizabeth Wingert


I can see the darkness:

Oh this life and light slowly fades,

All I love, I’ll so miss-

My body shall soon meet the spades.

Now I feel this lightness:

For such peace, my body I trade.

I see thee, and can’t kiss;

For thou, I’ll wait here many days.

11:00 AM Poem

Elizabeth Wingert