My cat is acting crazy
pulling out all his hair.
He keeps biting and scratching at something,
except I can’t find anything there.
He seems to be trying to catch something –
something tiny that he sees.
He’s twitching and itching . . .
and, OH NO, he has fleas!!

Too Late

Too late . . .
you realized that you couldn’t stop thinking about me,
that I was Heaven-sent,
that what we had was special.
Too late . . .
you realized what a terrible mistake you had made,
that we had it all in Virginia,
that even your dream job would be meaningless without me.
Too late . . .
you realized healing me would be painful,
earning another chance would take work,
and breaking me forever changed the woman I am.
Too late . . .
you will realize there are consequences for your actions,
some wrongs can’t be made right,
and that I meant it when I said, “this is your last chance.”
Too late.


You don’t understand.
I’m not worried
that you are going to break up with me.
You are holding me while I cry,
as we talk about our future.
You tell me nothing has been decided.
You tell me that it’s going to be okay.
But you just don’t understand.

This was all I ever wanted –
you and I back together.
But now that I have it,
I’m not sure I want it.
It’s not making me happy.
So, you just don’t understand.
I’m not worried
that you might break up with me,
I’m worried that I might break up with you.

Your Perfect Girlfriend

Put up,
shut up,
serve up,
get over,
put out.
Not me!
See thru,
give out,
give up,
push thru,
get out.
Screw you.

by Amanda Valerie Judd