dew on grass, wind in my eyes and ears

sick sour apples spoiling in the grass

hot heavy air

bees? everywhere

i miss summer  nights

i wish

i wish i could express

myself the way you do

i see you dance, i die

i saved you from a black widow

i saved you from a black widow sir

i do not recall your name

we hammered away on the doorframe and i saw it on your glove

i yelled and you yelled and i smacked it away

we were 4 hours from any hospital

those winter sundays redux

I want to freeze time/. I know I don’t, can’t appreciate all of

the things my father does. he labors more than i know, he love’s

more than I know. somehow the man is so gentle yet he is austere

like ages past. sitting quietly he thinks and

watches the sun fade. I watch him and see everyman replaced by myself/. lonely

i will be. i cannot compare, comprehend, the strain. how can i honor his somber offices?


what i see in us








what i see in my future


wander the aisles

watch you think about,

where you want to be and why

you worry and whine

you smile and beam

you know what you want

you’re ready to leave

where am i going

not one place but many

distance traveled, space explored

every night you die. the places you have been disappear when you lay your head


each day represents a new life, you are no longer who you were and neither are the people who loved you


your cloudy eyes

your new mind


your cloudy eyes

your broken frame


your confused stare

your new mind


your cloudy eyes

your calm gait


why do you ask me

like i know.

I’m just as scared as you

I’m just as small as you

I’m just as alone as you/

can you help me find it please