My Old Home

It is a place where I don’t care if a bug gets on me from laying in the grass.

It is a place where innocence was in full bloom.

It felt like everything was right even though might not have been at the time.

It is a place where playtime was until dark and mom called for us to come in since we had no phones.

It is a place where our pets from that past are.

It is a place where we are all together and love each other.


melty and enjoyed on bread.

chew chew chew
with soup or alone

yum yum yum.

Can I Sleep?

I need to be productive.
I need to do things today.
I need a clear head.
I need to find motivation.
Do I want to? Maybe

In My Shoes

I am a person that loves to smell the flowers.

I love to dance when no one is watching.

I am a person that tries to get into the middle to stop fights. (well try)

I know my weaknesses and I know my strengths.

I am someone that has a lot of pieces that are not always visible.

I know myself.

I Miss This

The way that you curled up wanting to be close. Breathing could be heard softly in and out. Your skittish nature even though scared me it also showed you did not like something. Time went by and I still try to remember you. A current reminder present but does not replace you. It has been years now not a blinking moment. I misss you everyday.

I Need to be There

i wanna be in a play where they know me
I wanna be in a place where I am safe
I wanna be in a place they know my name even if fleeting

I just wanna in that that place where my loved ones are

Little Harder

I see myself as someone that tries to help around.

Someone that might be average and just tries.

keep going the demons are closing in.

I think a thought and smiled a grin.



Loud words listen.

loud voice listen

can you hear me now?

My World

I drift off to sleep knowing that reading heals, hurts, and puts us in limbo.

From eating a lot to going into the wilds not knowing if you will make it.

Traveling from one location to another knowing them sometimes better or worst than people.

Good or bad there is something told although you need to see it from different perspectives.

Remember to create your voice so people can go to your world.

Dream it in a way that others can visit instead of keeping it locked from no eyes.

Smell the Flowers of the Past

I remember the lilacs.

The sweet smell and the color of the light purple.

It reminds me of old times at my house.

Where we played on the grass and stayed out late.

Lilacs remind me of simple times before the adult world hit us.


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