Removing the Host – Hour 12 Prompt

If I ask you a question
What’s your reply going to be
Would you think it through with purpose
To answer honestly
Or would my very asking
Be only for my gain
As you make up an answer
Without a truthful grain

If I’m asking you for reference
About some form of text
Would you give me some guidance
Or do something else next
Am I your first in memory
Do I simply follow suit
Will I reap in your legacy
Or will I become moot

Is this our life in color
Or is this black and white
Do you really even know me
Or I, you, in this light
The shame that we have come here
The gleam gone from our eyes
But we have drifted different ways
More than we realize

Can we ever recover
Who knows, if we don’t try
But you can’t recognize the worth
So, I guess it’s goodbye
I’m sorry that it’s over
And yes, that hurts the most
But I can’t do it anymore
As your narcissistic host

From Elton John’s Me. Page 354. “The only question worth asking is, what’s next?”

At the Coastline – Hour 11

Blue skies shine bright
White wispy clouds smile
A summer delight
If only awhile

White wispy clouds smile
Over specks of sandy shells
If only awhile
Playing in the turquoise swells

Over specks of sandy shells
Dancing my cares away
Playing in the turquoise swells
At the coastline, this summer day

Dancing my cares away
Until everything is all right
At the coastline, this summer day
Blue skies shine bright

Simplicity – Hour 10

The world can be so simple
If we stop to take a pause
Only complex as we make it
Without any real just cause
The beauty in a moonbeam
Or shadow of the night
Too often lost beneath the bustle
Of each bright city light

The colors of the sunrise
Or those as nighttime dawns
So oftentimes forgotten
Or hardly looked upon
For we are just too busy
To stop and take a breath
Until we reach a moment
When there are few moments left

How much of life is valued
How much of it is lost
What is really important
And if so, at what cost
The world can be so simple
It is, if lest we try
To seize each passing memory
‘fore it passes us by

A Rustling in the Woods – Hour 9 Prompt

For my Emily Grace


In the heat of summer, a strange tiding brewed. Past the cottage, near the treeline where I camped, I heard a ghastly noise. The noise reminded me of a cross between a cat fight that was going wrong and a freight train, grinding its brakes to a screeching halt. At first, I was nervous and afraid of the noise. I tried to zoom my camera lens in on the area but all I could see was the outline of a face.

Becoming braver, I walked cautiously towards the face. Once there by it, I realized the face was instead a mask. But whose mask, I wondered? I decided to move my campsite to that area to see if anyone returned to claim the mask. Hours passed and I saw no one. I passed the time by catching a lone firefly in a bottle. This provided added light, along with the stars overhead, to help with seeing what may be lurking nearby. I ate a snack of porridge before exhaustion struck and I drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly, a short time later, I was awakened by a rustling in the trees. I leaped from my sleeping bag, armed at the ready with a stick. Lethargy still filled my veins, however, and I fell in a pile. When I recovered, I noticed a fairy sitting before me.

“Did you make all that noise?” I asked.
“No. My master did.” she replied. “He summoned me to tell you that a great enlightenment is coming to you.”
“A great enlightenment?” I ask.
“Yes. All you must do is stay awake for forty-eight straight hours and you’ll be granted whatever you wish.”
“Whatever I wish?” I ask.
“Yes. So what do you wish?” asked the fairy.

I had to think about this for a moment. World peace or domination was out of the question. I really wanted a fine house and big yard for my family but that seemed greedy. Instead, I told the fairy, “I just want my daughter to grow up happy for all of her days.”

“That is a beautiful wish.” The fairy said. “All you need to do now is to stay awake for forty-eight hours.”

This challenge could not be that hard, right? Well, by the twenty-four hour mark, with no coffee running through my veins, the struggle to stay awake was real. For my daughter, however, as any mother would, I dug my toes in and held on. I took walks. I sang to myself. I counted stars in the sky. I did anything I could to stay awake because I would do anything for her.

After forty-eight hours. the fairy returned and waved her magic wand. Golden fairy dust covered me and suddenly a proclamation appeared that said my daughter, Emily, even if not without hardship, would find something good within her that would allow her to be happy all her days.

“Thank you.” I said to the fairy. “Just out of curiosity, who is your master that rustled in the woods?”
She said “I call him the Almighty One. He makes all things possible.”
“Thank him for me.” I asked.
“You do every day by being Emily’s Mom.” The fairy said as she flew off.

From that day forward, my child never knew tremendous heartache that she could not handle. Within Emily’s heart, she was always able to find some reason to be happy.

Doubts Personified- Hour 8

The road ahead is rocky
The water’s getting deep
The trouble brewing in my mind
Is stealing hours of sleep
I don’t know if I have the strength
My fears and worries great
I keep people at an arm’s length
For none can quite relate

I never thought I’d be here
The heart within me’s breaking
I feel my soul has been laid bare
Wide open for the taking
And yet, I doubt I could e’er tell
For none would understand
The emotions I am feeling… well…
They just were never planned

How do I carry onward
As a mother and a wife
The climb feels all but cheerful
Trapped ‘neath this deepened strife
A journey of taboo regard
That no one could understand
When suddenly you have a wife
But you married a man

To wake and find your spouse is trans
What will become of me
What will become of us and more
What of our family
That I still so adore
I doubt I have the needed strength
But, still I know I must
For what she needs the most of all
Is all my love and trust

So though I doubt I know the way
I’ve faith in what will be
My family matters, come what may
They are the world to me
This road is filled with so much strife
But through each tidal wave
I’ll take each day, glad for this life
And all I have to save

Love the person, not the choice
For outer looks fade fast
Trust the souls who choose to voice
Their peace within at last
These are the mantras of my strength
So my doubt may be for naught
As each day I keep fears at great length
To enjoy the life I wrought.

Season of the Toddler – Hour 7 Prompt

It was the best of times
Short person knee hugs
Sloppy peanut butter kisses
and giggles
But then…..
A storm and flood of emotions
A tantrum
Waves of wailing and tears
Angry thrashing and toys strewn about
In the middle of the violent storm
Momentary calm as the eye appeared overhead
But then, the backside of the eye wall appeared
And raged
Strongly filled with screaming, screeching and anger
Seconds seemed like hours
Minutes like days
But then, as soon as the storm formed, it passed
Sanity restored
A wrath of cluttered damage lay strewn
But the toddler’s category 5 level of upset
Returned once more
To knee hugs, peanut butter kisses and giggles
Until the warm emotional waters churn
The next Big One

Outdoor Memories – Hour 6 Prompt

The firelight glows amid the crackling embers and wispy gray smoke fills the cool, damp autumn air. My love hums a familiar ditty about our life together and as I look at the lines growing on his tired, aging face, the sight of a few stray white hairs catch my eye. I would trade it for nothing. Our daughter squeals as the embers glow and crackle. Being older with a toddler is not for the birds, but I would not change an iota of it. It is worth every age line to make a wonderful life of memories for her.

As the day concludes, we cuddle beneath the stars as meteors streak by overhead. This leaves us to ponder where they will go or how far they will travel. Thoughts that will be continued on another day of outdoor memories.

The Climb – Hour 5 Prompt

As the journey concludes, I stand at the peak
As I gaze o’er the valley below
The sunbeams, a shadow of where I have been
Their light, signs of where I’m to go
For while here on top, where I can touch the sky
I am left with a yearning for more
The first step, admitting willingness to try
With a far greater purpose in store

The fog with the cleaning, a symbol of hope
Reflections of a past I’ve defeated
Success amid life’s most slippery slope
And though, it may sound quite conceited
I’m left wanting more, in this life I can choose
Having scaled o’er that chosen for me
For here at the peak, I have nothing to lose
But a future I’ve destined to be

So as I reflect on the ways I have risen
Grateful to have done so and grown
I will bid adieu to this unwanted prison
And make each new moment my own
The future is calling, I’ll answer its challenge
And take it one step at a time
For here, I am free from the unspoken damage
And blessed to have mastered the climb


In That, There is Peace – Hour 4 Prompt

It is eleven o’clock and I’m writing this to say that I am struggling today, here without you. You have missed so many major moments: the first African-American President, the last Space Shuttle launch, my wedding, your granddaughter and so much more. It’s hard for me in June, but this year, in light of everything going on in the world, it feels harder. I am exhausted in health and in life and while I am moved by the goodness in some during these challenging times, I am so disheartened by many others. Whenever I see pelicans, butterflies or dragonflies, I know you’re there. In that, there is comfort, even in this time of uncertain chaos.

Today is a struggle, but the moments I see you in my daughter’s eyes, I am able to trudge ahead. I know by giving her a better world – and if not that, teaching her to be better than the world around us today – I am honoring you as best I can and respecting how you raised me. Your end was your peaceful beginning and in that, there is comfort and calm.

Silver Lining – Hour 3 Prompt

The sky darkened and the cool breezes regaled

Trapped outside, she felt the urgency to hurry home but she also reveled in the beauty of nature

What was a person to do

Lightning began flashing around her as thunder inched closer

Still, she stood, camera in hand as the seconds ticked away from her walk in safety

The rain began to pour

In every challenge, there is a silver lining

Whipping on the breeze, the rain smacked her face like a fist on a volleyball

She picked up the pace, as the lightning zigzagged over her head

Her heart raced as she struggled through the rain, gushing like a waterfall

She failed to notice the crack in the sidewalk; her shoe did not

Falling, as the thunder clapped, she screamed as her camera went flying

Bruised and battered, she tried to get up, disoriented in the rain and from the blow to her head

Was the walk or the attempt at pictures worth it

In every challenge, there is a silver lining

She did not think of the camera, as she headed home to nurse her wounds and ice her head.

Did she even remember it? Hard to say.

The scene could have described her life: lonely, confused, empty and battered

As she bandages her arm, a knock at the door.

A sweet young man held her camera. He had just moved in.

”I saw you fall and took one picture for you.” He said. It was a rainbow of hope for their future.

In every challenge, there is a silver lining.

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