Prompt 24 ~ Post # 24 The Greatest Gift

So many times we give a gift

wanting something in return.

But there is a gift I have received

I wonder if you’ve heard.


It is the gift one size fits all

and guess what it is free.

It’s given to the entire world

it’s given to you and me.


It’s the gift of eternal salvation

that wipes our sins away.

The gift of eternal salvation

with the price already paid.


It’s the gift of God’s Son, Jesus

for all to be set free.

The gift of God’s Son, Jesus

for all eternity.


He asks that you would want Him

and ask Him to come in.

Then He will live inside of you

and let a cleansing begin.


Just ask Him for forgiveness

for the sins of your past.

And He will erase as you confess

and give you peace at last.


So why not take a minute

and ask Him in your heart.

Where you’ll receive the greatest gift

and my friend, a brand new start!  💌


by Del Bates



Prompt 23 ~ Post #23~ Tommy the Turtle

When I need inspiration

he sits with me at night.

Why others can not see him

I just don’t think it’s right.


But he’s my quacky little turtle

who helps me write away.

When I can’t think of the perfect word

I know I want to say.


I ask him to complete my sentences

and how to place them so.

That everything will just make sense

and then away my fingers go.


He hides right in the corner

Yet no one knows he’s there.

But when he sees  me struggling

he’ll pop out with a phrase to share.


I guess he’s only for me

Cuz I’m the writing buff.

And I’m the one who needs him

When I just need a tug!


by Del Bates

Prompt 22 ~ Post # 22 ~Called To Write

I remember many years ago

When I felt God call me to write.

I was leaving the last day of my work

And I could not believe the site.


I found a perfect quill feather

as I labeled it to be.

Sitting on the ground

as it was speaking to me.


That this was not just a feather

but a confirmation too.

That it was the perfect time

to leave and do what I was called to do!


by Del Bates






Prompt 21 ~ Post #21 ~ Peace

I am longing for my son

to have peace in his life.

As he is suffering from the loss

of losing his wife.


I hate to see him hurt.

I hate to see him cry

and although we prayed

I still ask God why.


So ask for his healing

day by day,

As he is struggling

since his wife went away.

Post 20 ~ Prompt # 20 ~ Faith Not Sight

Although the darkness surrounds me

as my love’s been taken away.

I must recall all I’ve read

and what the promises did say.


Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet

and a light unto my path.

So for that, I must go on believing

Yes, believing that.


Oh no matter how the darkness is

morning noon or night.

You will brighten my way, guide me each day

as I walk by faith, not by sight.


by Del Bates

Psalm 119:105 ~ “Your word is a lamp for my feet,
    a light on my path.”NIV

Prompt 19 ~ Post # 19 ~ Is There More?

No eye has seen, no ear has heard

what God is truly made of.

But when we stop, look and listen

He’ll explain to us His love.


Oh He’ll reveal the hidden things

when you begin to pray.

He’ll reveal what you need to know

If you have gone astray.


So to you, I ask the question

do you believe there’s more?

That God’s prepared for each of us

and you have so longed for?


by Del Bates

Prompt 18 ~ Post # 18 ~ Christmas Blessing

Twas the night before Christmas

and all through St. Joes.

The patients were sleeping

with hall lights aglow.


Medication were given

and rounds were all done.

All patients were counted

each and every one.


Patients were all snuggled

with clean sheets on their beds.

While visions of old days

danced in their heads.


When what to our wondering

eyes should appear.

But an angel descending

to release each one’s fears.


In the twinkling of an eye

she started to soar

while singing each name

visiting door after door.


Now Wilson and Shuman

and Berdych and Row.

And Whistler and Connor

and on and on she’d go


From room 501

and clear down the hall.

Her wings pitter-pattered

as she visited them all.


Then she rounded our desk

where no one could speak.

Each one of us frozen

our legs limb and weak.


She blew us fond kisses

and spoke kindly to all.

For caring for patients

No matter the call.


Then suddenly we watched her

as she traveled on down.

With shimmers of glory,

that lightened her gown.


Then as we went forward

doing rounds for the day,

For some reason, her words

continued to replay.


“The Lord wants to thank you

for all that you do.

As He wishes Merry Christmas

to each one of You!”


by Del Bates



















Prompt 17 ~ Post #17 ~ Little Red Box

We’d stand in this red metal box

to make a simple phone call.

No matter the time or the season

even freezing our all and all.


And if our love did not answer

we parted gloomy and blue.

For all, we wanted to tell them,

“I was thinking of you.”


But now times are like magic

the worlds at our beck and call.

Ahah with no pun intended

no gap, no worry at all.


To reach a love in seconds

unless they’ve been called away.

And set in their own little box

for eternity, where they will stay…


by Del Bates  💘💘

Prompt 16 ~ Post # 16 One So Great

I see His nail-scarred hands

the crown upon His head.

Why was it He to suffer

why not me instead?


He was not of wrongdoing

but took the place for me.

He bore my sin and sorrow

That I could be set free.


He took the beatings and the lashes

and said not a word in vain.

He walked the road to Calvary

bearing my guilt and shame.


They spat, called names and mocked Him

they nailed His hands and feet.

As He hung on the old rugged cross

for mockers to believe defeat.


But NO! His death was a victory

a hope forevermore.

For you and me in eternity

As He opened up Heaven’s door!


by Del Bates




Prompt 15 ~ Post # 15 Up, Up and Away

Browsing around the plane

it seemed quite out of date.

I didn’t want to worry

we’d already left the gate.


Twas not till the first drop

many began to worry.

We couldn’t turn back now

cuz we were in a hurry.


But with the second one

and more intense this time.

We heard the pilot clearly,

“We’re turning around on a dime!”


Then prayer got louder and louder

as fear was everywhere.

Could all our lives be lost

as we fell out of mid-air?


Oh, many kissed the ground

as we boarded off the plane.

I’m convinced it was only angels

who kept us safe and sane!    ✈✈


by Del Bates

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