Hour 12 : Pride


A rolling thunder,

a million voices today,

everyone a flame

ready to set fire to

the very last frozen hearts.


Hour 11 : Alternatives Words For Laughter

Alternative words for laughter 

  1. A smile with the sound on
  2. A gift
  3. The tide coming in from head to toes
  4. An orgasm for your stomach
  5. A gift
  6. A baby’s love confession
  7. A work of art made of teeth
  8. Survival
  9. A gift
  10. A gift

Hour 10 : The Only Place

The Only Place

It’s funny how I dream of everybody but you.

Like my love for you is scared of the dark.

Maybe the night is the only place

where your eyes can’t follow me.

Hour 9:

Last night I had a strange dream. We had moved into a cabin lost in the woods.

And as I kissed your hands on our pillow to say goodnight you asked:

Are we still queer when there’s noone around?

Hour 8 : Just Another Friday Night

Just Another Friday Night (a Gigan)


Three queers are kissing in a sports bar

shaved head, sceptum piercing and tuxedo jacket


Three queers are kissing in a sports bar

losing the jacket and adding their sweat to

the one of those who come here every night


Three queers are kissing in a sports bar

because of the music, because they felt like it


and heir tongues have picked the strongest

beer because none of them is sober yet


The world is on fire and right there in the corner

three queers are kissing in a sports bar


But it’s okay cause the barmaid is a dyke

and she will find the jacket tomorrow.

Three queers are kissing in a sports bar


and all around them the bros

are falling like dominoes.

Hour 7 : Kali


To you who came into my life without knocking,

who keep opening new doors in my heart every night and morning.

I like to joke that you’re not really a cat. That one day a young woman

will show up on my doorstep asking for her long lost sister.

She disappeared on that same street 6 years ago

and I will watch you shapeshift in my patio.

Back into your human form.

When I told my friend this story she asked: “But what would happen then?”

And I know exactly what would happen. We’d stay housemates,

you’d still enjoy hanging out in the guest room except this time

your name would be on the door.

And I’d keep loving you the way I always have

for a friend is not a body but a soul.

Hour 6 : Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

The biggest comfort I find in this life is knowing

I will keep meeting dogs all the way to the end.

On the street, at friends’, in my own home…

But on my dog’s 17th birthday I blow the candles for her and

still wish for a hundred more years because I love her the way

you love something that will only happen once in the story

of humanity.

Hour 5 : One Day

One Day

When you grow up

queer and closeted

One day often feels like

a never coming promise,

a book without a last page,

a destination you’ll never reach,

a door handle on fire,

a window covered in barbwire.

Hour 4 : A Hundred Years From Now

A Hundred Years From Now

A hundred years from now I will be

burried in a forest or scattered in the sea

under a name I will have chosen

and that knowledge makes

leaving this world a little more okay.

Hour 3 : The Only Boy I Love

The Only Boy I Love

The only boy I love likes La la land and Mimosa. The flower not the drink. Or maybe both,                I never asked him and it amazes me how we still have so many things to find out about each other after all the years and texts and late night talks.

The only cishet guy in my heart likes glitter and penguins. Reads me recipes to calm me down. Doesn’t show up to a Pride march if he isn’t invited. Always comes and get me when I call in the middle of a party. Tells me about all the cute girls. Helps me with my boy bow ties. Asks if it’s okay  before he does anything.

The only boy I love tells me on a train he could help me make a baby if I needed him to.              And still our friends seem surprised when they come visit and notice                                              I’ve got pictures of him in every single room.

The only boy I love is the one I can’t make a home without.