11: to my friend

she sang with glee in her heart,

and a belly full of joy.

i loved seeing her face light up with amusement,

and can hear the mirth in her voice.

such wonderful memories we had together:

us girls, a bottle of wine between us

and a story ready to share.

Hi, all!

Hi there! I’m Leila, a stay at home mama to two littles, a Preeclampsia survivor and advocate, and a maternal mental health advocate. I’m a follower of Christ, and coffee lover. I wrote a Christian contemporary romance called Love, Defined. I recently released a memoir/poetry collection about my Preeclampsia/birth stories, my bout with postpartum depression and how my faith pulled me through….that one is called Storm of Hope. It’s a hodgepodge of journal entries with 50 poems but I’d like to do a 100 poem collection…..one day. Ha!

This is my first little half rodeo and I’m excited to learn and join in on the fun. I’m still a little confused, as I’m not a wordpress user, but hopefully, I’m doing this right.