The Railroad

Undisturbed, sedated sounds— there

As I gazed across the vast,  empty space

With my eyes fixed—blank to which they stare

At each and every piece in its proper place


The railroad, both—long and wide

An unknown journey, I felt belonged

To this, this place to which it resides

To this, this home— to which it longed

The Forgotten Promise

Buried within the depths of wisdom

Sacred words were all but—whispered

Bound together in—a rhythm

Leaving nothing left unanswered


Pages turned and by mine hand

One before another

As my heart did now understand

Exactly what you sought to answer


Loudly did I start to hear

Precisely what you sought to speak

As I did now lend my ear

To what it was that I did seek


A forgotten promise in the midst of wisdom

Between both sleep and awoken times

Clinging to life it’s spoken outcome

Concealed within these arcane rhymes
















Wide Awake

Deep sleep is where I laid

Even while awake

For it was when I obeyed

That serpent, wise—old snake


When my thoughts returned to me

From where they once had gone

That I began to stop and see

The path to which they fasten—


For as the sun is said to rise

Each and every—day

From the east until it dies

Returning to obey—


For light might move from east to west

Giving life to all that live

As it seems to never rest

As though its been taken captive


From life to death and what’s left in between

A course to which we are forced

To obey this same, wise—old routine

Until it is divorced—


For sleep no longer reigns in me

As I’m wide—awake

And the spirit of prophecy

Is finally burned at the stake


For words themselves must be bound

When concealed until the light might show

That they will often be found

When its time to know


Knowing is they key that reveals

What’s hidden deep inside

That which was once concealed

But is now very much brought to life


Second Sight

For mysteries did hide from me

As blind I was before

But then reborn that I might see

And faith— they then restore


Tears did drench mine eyes

Baptized through my pain

Yet— it’s then I could realize

The strength I did contain


Weakness sought to reign

Until I could start to see

That I just might sustain

With you that lives within me


My eyes began to wander

Searching for a key

Wisdom was my armor

That second sight gave to me


Strength was found within the bonds

Of wisdom that I’ve gained

Knowledge now responds

As weakness is restrained


For all I seem to now know

What I comprehend

Is that what’s now below

Is darkness that I tread


For with thine light I can see

Exactly what you intend

And anything that’s now before me

Is what I did portend


For strength and wisdom do now guide

The steps I seek to take

As mysteries now do not hide

But instead are wide awake




Concealed mysteries yet blatantly disclosed

Entities— among us— in skins, disguised

Yet holding sight, essence— itself composed

Of things— we here, at best—only theorize!


Perception is vital— from whose eyes, we see

As our decisions are formed by what we perceive

Transformed into our fates— our destiny!

Composed by many things that we do believe


Nature herself— so cleverly creates

Yet— often lost to understanding— retrieved

From the very same people that she confiscates

From the life that they themselves once bereaved


For oftentimes hidden within our own innate desire

Lies many things— often unknown to our own conscious

That we often later even start to unknowingly conspire

To fulfill our destiny, our forgotten promise





The Witching Hour

There’s a solemn hymn that’s heard

Amongst spirits and demons that hear

The word and chants ciphered

In the hours that they revere


The Witching Hour

An active time that’s said to be:

A time when spirits are found to scour

And demons play in mockery


Playful motions and words conveyed

Amongst the dead who still are?

Though— in times here hoorayed

For being skilled in the art of war—


The veil loosened

Time— we bind

Senses heightened

Worlds intertwined


Knowledge bound

To a course we know—

Where tomorrow’s found

Before we even go—


For what IS known

Has already been—

The Witching Hour has now shown

Revelations of a removed foreskin




These Arcane Rhymes

For when two become one

Combined by the same

It shall then—be done

That—which you proclaim


For two shall become one

And when two are then said to agree

Your wishes will not remain barren

Thanks to this—prophesy


With praise we may then start to sing

Whatever our hearts—may desire

For a song itself is said to bring

Feelings that manifest and then transpire


For many things I do wish to convey

Through these words that bring delight

Though— I must then wait and delay

Until your reborn with second sight

Boastful Wisdom

Leviathan— scales of pride

A Serpent of Wisdom

That one can bind

While loosening his freedom


Tugging a sea serpent along

Boastful wisdom he reveals

Sometimes in a small song

Showing exactly just what he conceals




The Traitor and the Spy

A life that’s found in a world that exists

Full of people betrayed—-

One—found is a traitor that resists

The devotion that he’d trade—


The traitor says— I’ve now betrayed

The country that has turned on me

The Spy differs as his position he’d trade

For secrets stolen for his own country


Both deemed enemies

Both— we toss aside

Yet— traitors or spies

Their (intentions) devotions they’d hide


One created by betrayal to them

One by information that they had desired

Yet— ourselves we could (might) condemn

(For) the traitor that we—ourselves inspired—


The Karmatic Rights

For the divine power of kings

One and many— (decisions) fates

For the binding of will— brings

The desired future—that it creates


For where manipulation is found

Of the powers that are

Necessity itself can be bound

To compensate from afar


For one decision or many we ask

One— congealed to decide

For its with certainty, fates own task

That the creator itself (cause) may hide













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