Hour 23 – The Crew

The Crew


Every crew member has a role

Each serving as an integral part of a whole.

In order to work towards a common goal,

Everyone should be on a roll. 

Hour 22 – Divorce (Limerick)


There once was a man from Houston
With a wife and a home to roost in
He called her a whore
She called him a bore
And he now begs for change in a loose tin

Hour 21 – Magnolia



An ungodly heat scorches the earth,

Still you stand tall and firm.

Though leaves may be wilted,

Though leaves may be browned,

You stand, with proud roots and wide branches.

With our one shared desire:

To once more see your blossoms bloom,

Glowing with hope for the future.

Hour 19 – Stars



The inky abyss punctured by light from eons away

Looked the same by all who came before

We watched together, drawing our stories in the sky

Until the time comes that we reach for them.


Now, the world looks to them with hope,

Praying that another like us is out there.

Though other planets await us,

There will always only be one night sky of Earth.

Hour 18 – My Angel

My Angel


An angel watches over me,

Inherited from my family. 


My Grandmother almost went to space,

On the Challenger she was 2nd place.


My ancestors called the Donner party friend,

But split for Texas in the end.


My angel pulled me off a street,

Before a truck could have me beat. 


The angel protects me every day,

And is just one reason why I still pray.

Hour 17 – Tarot



Simple paper with intricate designs,

Though many find them mystical,

It seems to me, nonsensical,

cards of random chance can divine.

Hour 16 – Clockwork Springs

Clockwork Springs


A mechanical heart, wound tightly in its box.

Twisting, spinning, grinding in place to the tune of the jaunty music box.

Each click of the gear, each turn of the cog, all leading to the inevitable,

A beat, a rhythm, a metallic plink of comb on drum, over and over.

An echo for the beating heart’s love locked away within the machine.

Listen to the beautiful song and know it plays only for you.


Hour 15 – A Phoned In Poem

A Phoned In Poem


        Beep, beep, beep, boop, beep, beep, beep…boop.

Brrrng Brrrng                                                       Brrrng Brrrng

Brrrng Brrrng                                                       Brrrng Brrrng

Hello. Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check

Your number and try your call again.  If you need help please 

                         press pound for more options. 

               Click. Beep, beep, boop, beep, boop, boop

           Beep. Brrrng. Brrrng. Brrrng. Brrrng. Hello, you

        Have reached the Poetry Marathon Hotline, if this is

     An emergency, hang up and dial 9-1-1. Otherwise, press

1 for more options.            Boop.               You have selected 1 –

More options. Is      this               your      choice? If so, press 1 for 

Yes. Press 2 for         no              or         press 3 for more options.

Beep. Hola! Su              llamada              no se puede completar 

     Tal como se marcó. Por favor cuelgue e intente realizar la 

        llamada nuevamente. CLICK! “And that’s how you get 

             Them to stop calling at every hour of the night.”

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