Hide and Seek…9pm (and for me, the end)

How hard can it be to find someone to love me, just me, not the idea of me or a part of me. Someone to love me, to want to be with me, to want to dance with me, to write sweet songs and harmonies with me. Cause I want to find you to make breakfast for you to write you a poem based one hundred percent on you and only you about you wanting only me and allowing me to be an integral part of your being. to go to bed at night knowing you’re there and you waking up knowing that I care, to hold me in your arms everyday, to laugh at your jokes and wipe your tears away.
But I am fifty-two.
and still looking.

Tobago Great Race…8pm

I forgot!

I forgot that today was Great Race!

And I couldn’t find even one place…

to sit and be quiet…

as I try to finish this race.

People everywhere, every where.

Every colour,

Every creed,

Every Race.

But how many of those faces were there to take part in this great race?

Or were they sitting on the sidelines,


more likely they were there just spectating.


But life is not a spectator sport.

It would be safer if it were.

Then we would never get hurt.

We would never feel pain.

We would never fail.

We would probably even be content to watch and see others win

in this great race.

We would never cry.

(though eventually we would die).

We would never have to wonder,



But if we were just spectators,

never partakers,

We would never feel victory.

We would never fall in love.

We would never dance.

We would never know tears of joy.

We would never sacrifice.

We would never know how it feels to get up and keep on trying.


We can’t sit on the sidelines.

Not Today.

Today we need to get out and finish this race.




Are you my friend?


Do you even know my name?

Can you remember my birthday?

Do you answer when I call?

Do you call on me only when you fall?


Are you my friend?


Do you say a prayer for me?

have you ever planned for me?

Do you ever wonder how I’m doing?

Do you involve me in whatever you are doing?


Am I your friend?

Today, I…6pm


Today I made mistakes

I’m sure I called Your name in vain.

I know that I wasn’t always kind

And at some point I may have caused someone to cry.



Today I wanted to get it right.

I wanted to be joyous as I lived Your life.

I wanted to be thankful for everything.

I wanted to show others the love that you bring.



Today I needed to be Yours.

I needed to honour You and respect You above all.

But even though I’m not perfect,



I failed.

I thank You for Your grace,

and the strength to try again.

Why? …5pm

You inspire me.

But I don’t want you to!!

I’m afraid of what you would do to me if I let you in.

But do you even want to be let in?

Do you want to be my inspiration?

My Muse?

The truth is…

Whether or not you want to be.

It’s because of you that I sing…

It’s because of you that I write…

Picture, Picture on the Wall…4pm

We are the picture of society that we want to see.

We have to make the choice that creates a world that can make us proud.

But when parents neglect their duties,

And children refuse to grow.

When teachers choose not to teach,

And students choose not to learn.

When leaders refuse to lead,

And countrymen refuse to feel.

We create a picture filled with…





And then we wonder what is going on in this world.

But aren’t we the picture of what we want to see?

Where am I? … 3pm

Vortex of words

pulling me in

forcing me to see

things I didn’t want to see.

About myself.

About what I’d become.


Meeting Miss Mollie…2pm

Okay, she definitely didn’t look like the usual sixty year old.

Who was I kidding?

She didn’t look like the usual anything.

I couldn’t put my finger on it.

(neither would she let me).

She was the quintessential breath of fresh air on a stale, hot day.

That forced you to wonder what was it that you were missing all these years.

(and what could you do to get whatever it was back).


I got a letter today.


it was simply a short text

(because you know that times have changed).

It said,

“How are you?”

I smiled.

“I’m fine (now). How about you?”

I’m running out of Time!…12 pm

Time waits for no one.

It doesn’t care that I want it to linger

so that I can enjoy this moment just a little longer.

It doesn’t care that I need it to wait,

so that I can finish what I started…on time.


Time is no one’s friend.

It marches on until eternity comes to an end.

Time and time again I plead for time to wait for me.

So that I can find love before time ends,

So that I can finish this song and have a new beginning.


Time is no one’s enemy,

It does what it pleases and

marches to the beat of its own timing.

I wish that time would wait for me.

So that I can have all the time in the world.