Poem 19 — I Am Tired

I am amazed at the time my eyes stayed open,
I proved that opportunities encouraged me like the help of a friend.
So much resided in my mind over the course of a day,
Still sounds and expressions go unanswered, I couldn’t phrase what I wanted to say.
At the beginning of the poetry marathon challenge, I was excited, caffeine full, and wired.
I’ve tried to function on short naps and conversations, NOW I AM TIRED!

Poem 20 — You WILL Be My Friend!

“Come on Mr. Bear. Let’s go with the fox”. Demanded the little girl.
She insisted on befriending two vicious animals, to make them, a part of her world.
“Where are you going fox? Come back here.
Go to my playhouse for tea, my dear.
I’m not afraid of you. I just want to play.
I want to play now, not another day.
I will keep talking smack until you turn around.
I have a lot to say before the sun goes down.”
“Ah, come on”, said the bear, “she gets on my nerves too.
The other animals won’t understand you like she and I do”.
So the fox stopped and turned with a thought.
We walked this far for nothing. It was all my fault.

Poem 21 — Letter to Shaunton the Poet

Dear LadyOfPoetry,

I know you are well. Sometimes when I observe you in privacy, I notice many things and you can probably tell. Like you didn’t smile and make eye contact with the gentleman who held the door for you. I noticed you waved and smiled at the cute, dreamy eyed little girl, too. Don’t you wish your dreamy eyes were mocked in a face as precious as that? Or did you stop having Barbie dreams the moment your struggles grew fat?

Life challenged you in a different direction I see. I hope you’re not mad and blaming me. Continue composing great thoughts and developing the writer you want to be. Don’t permit self to grow and regret life entirely. Thank you for being so sweet and sharing the courage to go on. So much has tested you. And you’re blessed not to be torn.

You are a role model
Many women don’t want to admit. Like how you help when you don’t have to, and care more than a little bit.

Everything will be all right, lady. God has greater plans in store if you care. Smile, love, and strive to succeed.
Every hour loses many seconds indeed.

Poem 22 — The Night is for Sleeping

The night resides for sleeping,
I couldn’t stay awake,
My body yelled at me,
And my eyes wouldn’t cooperate.

The night is designed for us
Who love to roam the day,
We ride the sun’s path
Highlighting with laughter along the way.

Sometimes we can cheat at daylight, close our eyes and steal a nap,
then we pinch away at time
with the help of a snap.

It feels like thunder
when eyes are open at night,
Whose idea was it for me to stay awake and motivate my eyes to fight?
Fighting to stay awake to challenge my inspiration, oh my, the hours are creeping,
The night is designed for hot sex, great partying,
The night is for sleeping.

Poem 23 — Hidden Places

You rest easily
In privacy,
You sleep peacefully
In private,
Embracing the genuine comfort of the mattress overtime hours of a job you despised bought you.
It feels like Heaven,
Not blue sky without clouds,
Without the Pearly Gates,
Not the place grandma resides,
The room that’s dark not depressing,
Bringing out the blessings
That bond in you,
Distribute in others,
The inspiration that brings out hope in others,
Gratifying the existence of the misfit.
It is a room,
No! It is a place of pleasure designed and dedicated to the peace only lived and felt in a pinch of many places.
It solidifies hard work, love and peace.
It is the light that sheds in my soul and expands my hopes.
I spoke in one room,
Yet I really speak highly with favor of my home,
The sound setting of my most awkward thoughts,
Please respect my place of peace.

Poem 24- Staying Positive

I try so hard
To remain positive,
Think head strong,
Think great thoughts,
Carry a cool breeze,
Blow the minds of the weak,
In the midst of the worst,
At the beginning of the best,
But still you speak
Languages that shatter hopes,
Spell words that express nothing,
Kill time spared to save you future,
Embrace your soul,
Why must I continue to be positive?
To utter great words and express subtle wisdom that shares no value to you?
I will…

Poem 18 — Trapped

Trapped in reality,
Feeling like a prisoner,
I work so hard
Trying not to be broke,
Only to realize I work hard to be unfortunate.
Trapped in my thoughts,
They own me,
Guiding me in directions I never knew existed.

Trapped in love with a man
I couldn’t love even
If life was all it took to admit it.

Trapped in struggles that
Define the strength in me,
It needs no honor,
Just my undivided attention.
Trapped like a dragon in a bottomless pit,
Trapped like a bird
In a darkened cage,
Trapped outside reality,
Just trapped.

Poem 15 – Shaunton’s Heart

A medical scare,
Emotional disconnection
From myself
From my life
From the goals I set for longevity,
Uncomfortable discussions exchanged with my doctor.
I didn’t want to believe it,
I had to hear the truth.
I had none.
It was either live or die.
I chose to live.
I didn’t want butter, cheese and fried food to snatch me from the beautiful handcrafts of God.
I didn’t suspect my favorite greasy foods to be silent killers.
I expected to eat what I wanted
I KNEW I would live forever,
But that was impossible.
I refuse to leave my body without saying goodbye properly,
I lived too much to die so soon over nothing.
So I chose to live,
To eat better,
Walk away stress
And take better care of
Shaunton’s heart.

Poem 16 – I Think Life Is Living

To live without fear is ancient,
To fear love without a soul is unconscious.
To love without hope is lost.
To hope and pray means to have courage.
To pray and worry is time wasted.
To worry about neighbors is a pitiful excuse that never existed,
To have neighbors but never mingle is lifeless.
To mingle without gratitude is heartbreaking,
Having no gratitude is having air and not being able to breathe,
To live without fear is predictable.

Poem 17 — You Broke My Heart

I never wanted it to be “us”,
You couldn’t let it rest.
You wanted to prove to me
You were my man I guess.
For a few good months,
You introduced me to this caring, loving man,
That he was qualified to spoil me in hugs and kisses, cuddle and hold my hand.
He was a sweetheart, well at least that’s what I thought,
I couldn’t share my secrets with you,
You were unhappy and you acted like it was my fault.
I couldn’t be WHO I was,
It was too much for you,
You felt out of context if I shared my deepest experiences I went through.
You didn’t know how to make me smile even when I was down,
Our business spreader to everyone but me, it was all over town.
I tried to explain to you
I was private, I didn’t like people feeling the need to discuss you and I.
You acted like I was mean,
Like we weren’t grown enough for us,
And you had the audacity to feel embarrassed if I was upset and would cuss.
I don’t remember how we ended,
I just know you lied,
You showed no remorse with your new woman,
Inside I crumbled, broke down and cried.
As time passes I realize I am in greater shape with myself, I portray a new part,
I’m not the woman you once knew,
I became courageous and stronger since you broke my heart.

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