We made it Marathoners

Congrats Fellow poets!

What an accomplishment!

You are all so talented and it has been an honour completing this milestone alongside you.


Hour 24-the gift

Some may think it is wrapped in a box

Few may think they are shimmering rocks.

The real gift does not come nicely wrapped

A perfect gift isn’t crowned or capped.

The ideal gift is the gift of love

The selfless caring sent from above.

The purest gift is kindness and care

the kind of gem that’s unclouded and rare.

If you want to grant a gift you need to impart

A segment of your love straight from your heart.

Hour 23-Pixie

My name is Pixie, I’m a docateroo

Crossed between a dog,cat and kangaroo.

I have nine lives like a feline, I am loyal like a dog

I came from Down under and bounced my way to SA emerging through the fog.

A human met me in the park and asked me to be her friend

I had never had an owner to laugh with and depend

I was so happy to have someone to call family of my own

Since i’d moved across the sea to did not have a home.

I happily bounced back to her place and settled in a tree

a little place she created just for little me.

Hour 22-White feather

It is no coincidence that it’s hour 22

With a picture of a white feather of which there’s very few

The angel number 22 is a message to keep up hope.

Trusting that all will work out fine and that you’ll always cope.

When you are going through challenges and you’ve just had enough.

Hold onto your faith when the obstacles seem too tough.

The Angels will protect you and help you see your dreams

The silver lining will appear when your’e ripping at the seams.

Hour 21-longing

Longing for coffee, a massage and sleep

A bubble bath, Promises to keep.

My man to help with the kids, to help clean the house

Flowers, a handwritten note from the thought of my spouse.

Covid-19 banished, masks and illness burn

Health, wealth, love and happiness to all return.

My husband’s boss to see the work he does with all his might

For half the means and twice as much and all throughout the night.

For the liars that get away with all because my guy just lets them

His selfless nature hurts himself but only time will get them

Scavenging for Edu fees to give our baby’s schooling

This Covid-19 virus  time has been nothing less than gruelling.

But as I long for all these things I realise how blessed I am

There are far less fortunate out there now and I have my precious fam.

Hour 20 – Time zones

It’s 5am in the USA

dark, but day is dawning.

6 hours ahead in the RSA

but i’m still subtly yawning.

Whilst lamps are lit and candles burn

6 hours ahead we’ve had our turn

It’s bright outside the warmth of the sun

in 4 more hours our poems are done.

An incredible challenge, no sleep to be had

Reminiscent of times when I was a grad.

now I’m much older with children to mind

light the candle, ignite the lamp

But it’s the inner light you find.

Hour 19-So much Unknown

Us human race we think we have the might

We don’t

We are not equipped to take on the fight.

We think we are the only living beings

We aren’t

More and more we hear of observing other seeings.

You think our sun is big, have you seen UY Scuti?

How come we never knew about this colossal beauty?

Then there’s man made creatures, robots and then clones

With powers to consume us and spying air-born drones.

We are ants to something bigger, uncertain of their might

Fellow humans stay alert it could take us in the night

Hour 18- the holiday

After the pandemic we launched ourselves away

naked in the percale sheets any time of day.

strolled down to the resort beach, to embed our feet in sand

margaritas at the pool with music from the band.

Then a romantic Snorkel following a supping sesh

a scenic stroll through forest trees hot sweat upon our flesh.

A sunset picnic with my love with candles and some wine

star gazing, love making, a dip to savour time.

The second honeymoon so many joys

now back to see our gorgeous boys.


Hour 17- the techno train

Radio broadcasts, vinyl on the technology driven train

silent movies on tv, never seen again.

The eighties with the cassette tapes

rewind, fast forward, play

the dreaded job of winding film

could often take a day!

The compact disc phenomenon

the no fuss way to play

Any song of your choice

a far easier way!

Then we had the USB

A port you could plug in

in just a matter of seconds

all music for the win.

Now we have Spotify, YouTube and iTunes

I’m certain more will take their place

Over many many moons.

Hour 16- love

A strange sickness of which there’s no cure

It starts with sparks and butterflies

deepening the lure.

Insomnia and daydreams follow

your mouth all dry and you can’t even swallow.

A crazy force of passion hits and gives you all the feels

Two bodies one heart , this sickness just got real.

Emotions board the crazy train, is this what it’s about

You get hit with the truth

You cannot love without.



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