Before Darkness, 3

I was captivated by your light,

You were a lamp unto my feet,

I prayed that it would my heart that you would keep,

Your heartbeat matched with my heartbeat,

But now it seems to skip.

Before darkness, before this sinking ship,

You represented my sunrise.

Now you represent my demise.

Now, not only do my eyes, but it’s my soul that cries.

You pushed me back every time I tried to love you.

Now, I just reminisce about you.

As I reminisce, I would be remised if I didn’t admit to you that you were missed.

You were my beautiful imperfection

You ended up being my misdirection,

My beautiful indiscretion,

And later on a very dark lesson.

If you fall in love with storms, they tear you apart.

Now that we are apart, I can’t shake this empty heart.

Before darkness, I wish I could restart.

Hello Love, Prompt two

I’ve missed you,

Actually I never knew you,

I’ve been waiting, and I know you’ve been waiting for me too,

You come and you surround me whenever I’m feeling blue,

An agape love, this is what this is,

I’ve awaited your gentle kiss upon the crest of my lips,

You flow through me like the wind on the sails of a ship.

I hope that you forever remain in my grips.

Hello love, I’ve found you.

The rapture

You flooded my mind, and set my soul on fire.

I should be drowning, but instead, I’m being taken higher.

To my cigarette, you were my lighter.

You were the umpire to my empire,

And therein lies the problem. Now here comes the rapture.

I thought you were my freedom but instead you were my captor.

Now here I lay captured, wrapped in your chains, but luckily now I’m headed towards free reign.

I cried and cried in the shower wishing for the storm to stop but now I gladly stand in and embrace the rain,

I’m completely unmasked and I let go of my feign.

I refuse to let your toxicity run through my veins.

You killed me but thankfully there’s a second coming,

That lines up with everything I was supposed to be becoming

One that’s filled with joy, peace and love,

The type that could only come from up above.

So now, I’ll sit back and enjoy the survival of the rapture,

Because at the end of it all… You were my beautiful disaster.