A long night

Its now just morning what a beautiful day,

The long night has finally gone away.

I can see the sun coming up again,

To greet me and meet me , to say Hello, friend!

I’m so glad you’ve come again this new day,

To hang out with me and go my way!


Hello There

Hello there, its such a grand morning,

I can’t wait to face the day, it gives me no warning.

I roll out of bed to get me started

And even though I’m tired I’m not broken hearted.

It a new day I say, it a start over,

Its filled with new dreams and time spent with Rover.

I’m ready to begin this new day ahead,

Its definitely not yesterday, that’s been put to bed.




My hair is crown, its a lasting impression,

But not when I wake up, its a scary ovation.

It takes all night to get it this good,

I aught to market it, that I should.

Sometimes in the mirror I scare myself,

I think who is that elf.

I fix it and curl it and mousse it, you see,

Then it becomes beautiful me!


I don’t like bees,

They make me shout,

They make me run when I am out.

They pressure me into staying inside, they make me always run and hide

I don’t like them even though their good,

For the environment and all of the things that they should.

I hate when they bite and when the buzz around,

That’s why in the summer I’m no where to be found.


What is dust? Is it something I know? Is it a thing or an it or a no?

How do I get it? Where is it found?

Why do we have it and where is it bound?

Take it away it do creeps me out, put it, hide it, don’t leave it about.

Take it with you when you leave, don’t bring it back, I have plenty, I won’t ever lack



Flowers are pretty and smell really good,

They come in all colors and sizes and should,

Be in every home just to make them feel better, in a vase or a jar or a setter.

Just to see a flower sitting in a window,

Always makes me smile.

I want to go and pick it and keep it for a while.


I’m not nocturnal, I’m just very sleepy,

If I don’t get some sleep real soon, I might get very weepy.

I can’t sleep all day and stay awake all night,

Its just not my pattern of sleep or my fight.

I try but I just get grumpy and groggy,

I can’t get past the dreams with the froggy.

I hope I can stay awake and make this come true, but nocturnal I’m not and I’m feeling boohoo.


Coffee’s my friend it makes me feel happy, it visits me morning, noon and night.

I can’t live without it, it keeps me going, it helps me take flight.

No Parties

No parties for me I’m all tuckered out,

I’m need in some sleep, and I can’t even shout.

My eyes want to close andy body is heavy,

I’d get in my car but I don’t drive a Chevy.

Quite Time

In my quite time at night,  I listen to the Lord.

For all his different promises, I’ll someday hope to afford.

Not with money or jewels or works or stuff, but with trust and obedience, that’s enough.

Its all He really expects of me, even though I think its more.

He just wants me to love him and to wait for what’s in store.

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