My fancy

Shoes, I love shoes
High heels, low heels, boots, flats, track
Any and Every colour in the mix
Just not every style

Going nowhere, I’m in them
Going out, a contrast or a blend
Works for me

There’s never enough
Buy them when I need them
Buy them when I don’t
I collect them
The design, artistry and variety tickles me
Even if I only imagine my feet in them

Heels are my favorites
I’ll be in them till I’m 80
I love shoes!!


Commanding your morning

If we speak good things
We have it
If we speak bad things
We have it
The trajectory of our lives
Literally in our mouths
Such power, such promise

We must unlearn bad habits
Develop good ones
To ensure a great outcome

When we start our day with
Something positive
We set the tone for the rest of the day
We change our mindset
Positive things follow

Life and death they say is in
The Power of the tongue
Speak what you want, good things, and
Dispel, bad things, those you don’t need

Have you commanded your day?

“I declare this poetry marathon complete”

Command your day
Change your life

Touch me

Crying for Mom
Baby’s tears are many
A bottle for food
There is no substitute for the softness
Of Mommy’s breast, or the tenderness

Of Mommy’s touch

Mom enters the room and instinctively
Crying baby starts looking around
Waiting for that familiar smell
Mom walks over takes the baby
Tears are absorbed in Mom’s tender embrace


Nutty, Nutritional and tasty
Almonds are good in all their essence
Deemed to have Fibre, vitamin E and magnesium
Put this in your mouth and
Crushing it releases a flavourful nutty snack

Milk of Almond, calcium and phosphorus
Strong teeth and bones
Butter of Almond, good sub for butter
Flour of Almond, no need for wheat.

The Watchtower

The paper cover weekly magazine

Jehovah’s Witness, use as their devotional

Some are not friendly, to them because they In an effort to

Share their religion, they offend others

Because they aggressively force their

Religious literature in your face

Rarely are they met with friendliness

As individuals seek to process their different attitudes towards the Watchtower.


Bustling cities scare me
32 years ago, on Toronto streets

There was space
Now we walk huddled on the sidewalk
As if we know each other or come from the same home
You stop and someone crashes into you

Caught  between the shades of condos
Close to the lake, the city is cold though it’s spring
Towering structures hide the sun
Leaves no space for warmth

Food trucks line the street
Downtown is impersonal
Nobody knows you or sees you
Barely any interaction with each other
As crowrded street cars, busses and trains make their way to the burbs

In the midst of this chaos
One search for peace
Earplugs the answer
Surrounded by a whole hosts of people but
Lost in the midst
I hate the city


Couldn’t wait to meet you
Carried you for nine months
Felt your first flutter and
Fell in love
Life would change

For the better it did
Worked up to the last day
Rocking from side to side

Belly protruding
I was anxious to see you

September 28th arrived
Through the processing I went
C-section they said, they prepped and prodded
I just wanted my baby to come now
The hour came, they cut me open
I met my little princess in minutes
Hollering, her announcement

She was alive and well
In that moment joy unspeakable
You can’t explain
It’s just floods you
Knowing that she was perfect
Made it all worth it!!


Life throws you It’s curve balls
In the gut it hits
Devastates and renders you helpless
But you’re not done

Rising from the ashes like the Phoenix
You dust yourself off
Take stock and begin to do life, again
Another blow, but nothing keeps you down
Champions don’t crawl, they stride
Your spirit is Indomitable
Like the Phoenix you are, you stand.
Stand tall!!

The Creator did


At night the firmament is alit with
Moon and stars
Piercing the clouds as if
Each one has an assignment

To shine regardless
Of the depth of darkness
And the moon a crescent, embraces the some stars
As if it’s saying come let me cuddle you and
Protect you from the elements

Who caused the firmament to stand still and frame the landscape?
To the left and to the right with lush greenery
And who told the sun to rise in the east and set in the west?

Empty soul

Lust snatches souls and minds ,craters into an abyss of depravity

The inability to pull back an impossible task as one plunges deeper and deeper into a dark bottomless hole, helplessness prevails.
Escaping it unattainable, so one ventures deeper into a quagmire of images and behaviors that taints the soul.

A profound desire to acquire wealth and possessions and an unquenchable pull towards things left behind in departure, death!!
Does it make sense then to live in the twirl of a whirlwind that makes you dizzy?  For as desire, is satisfied after each new toy;
Lust, a temporary feeling bottoms out into nothingness
Leaving in its trail empty, lives and broken people.
Lust snatches souls and leaves them mangled, like twisted metal from a car wreck

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