Night Creatures

The shadows have been eaten
The eaters are named Vors
Creatures from a world far above
a world in dark, far aloof

Handeys: little monsters
from the same world
see fragments of a faraway tomorrow

Between the two live
the Medil, formless
no feet, no walking only transporting

But the dark is to vast
and they are just the first

Believing In Unicorns

All the poets had a
Black or gold
All the poems
love themselves
All the words
have failed
All the poets had an

Visions Of Lands

Trust your rainbows
dancing in our eyes
Trust your unicorns
dancing in the night
Trust the poets
dancing with madness of life

About Nothing

Stars are sick
Their light fades
My soul degenerates

How quick light sleeps

Moon is so thick
My heart is weak

Loneliness has win today
Reality has been proven a play
similar to Much Ado About Nothing

What Is Artist

Artist means nothing
Nothing means darkness
Darkness means empty
Empty means space
Space means existence
Artist means existence


I feel like the snake
ready to shed my skin
I feel like the caterpillar
ready to leave my cocoon
Too soon

I smell the change of my vibrations
Changes, lifes marvelous donations
I smell my lifes regulations

Trapped and free to a universally
I stand still
Under the Moonbeam

Lost Paradise

the sun the stars
the mountains the beasts
the sea the souls
the babies the bodies
For skies’ crime
For fires’ lines
The dawn never comes back
The vow never changes
With no doubt
I was born to die
in cruelty

To Exist

I imagine I am a willow
I imagine I am a crow
I imagine I am nothing
Willows in the sky
I imagine I am an ice cream
I imagine so I exist


Letters. Words. Numbers
and images
Not enough
I need
Worlds. Creatures. Powers
and silences
A new feeling
A new definition
A new poem
You and me