Gathering Around

A moment in life

A pleasure to live

Any way is alright


Around a table

In the house 

At the church 


It’s a unique joy

To share with others

The joy to gather around

(Hour 12-@Mejia)


A joyful moment 

A simple tiny expression 

Always a pleasure 

  1. (Hour 11 @Mejia) 

a Polite Blue Jay

Early in the morning

A polite blue jay 

Knock at the window 

Asking for seeds


Singing and eating

A polite blue jay 

Bring joy to my garden 

Each day 


(Hour 10 @Mejia) 

Hot cocoa brings me home

In cold days, 

Warm me up. 


Arepa brings me to Mom’s kitchen

In nostalgic moments, 

Comforts my soul. 


Mix ingredients

Round the dough, 

Put it on fire. 


Wait for a moment and… 

Get back home! 


(Hour 9-@Mejia) 

I am

I am from a big city

Where everyone is in a hurry 


No time for manners

Or gentle “good day” 

Not even a smile


I left the big city 

Looking for a small town 


I found the place

It is calm and friendly 


I always remember 

I am from a big city 


I left the big city 

I feel inspired 

In this tiny town 


Writing poems, reading and gardening

It is my new hobby in this nice place 


(Hour 8-@Mejia) 

My Adorable Misifu

One day artived

Sick and pale 

Asking for care


How can I rufused 

This bull of fur

Helpless and fair


My adorable Misifu 

Adpted me

What a nice deed


Welcome to my house 

And my heart 

Adorable Misifu


(Hour 7-@Mejia)

Open letter

Sometimes we feel we are the only one, until we start traveling and reaching out to new people and cultures. 

Sometimes we feel we are trapped in our own world, until we realized there are other doors to go out. 

Sometimes we are comfortable with our own life and decisions, until we realized there is another way of life.


Sometimes we think death is the end of tunnel, until we learn that it is the beginning of eternal life. 


Sometimes we need to stop and reflect…

Who am I? What is my purpose in life?… until we realized we are not strangers. 

(Hour 6- @Mejia) 

A century

A hundred years ago,

My grandmother was born.

She witnessed war after war,

Waiting for better years to come.


A hundred years ago,

She was brave enough.

Nurture a big family,

And passed away in peace.

(Hour 4-@Mejia)




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