My fountain to my soul

You come into my life

On a star

For one beautiful moment

You change my life

For Eternity

Notes of love

You made me a song

with so many beautiful wors

words that just melt my heart for your love


The dreams

Are forever

In a picture of love.

In my heart for you and me

My love

My heart is missing you so much

I know we will be together again

I feel you so close to me


Just like you are right

Here my love


When i look into your eyes

Last hours of your life

I knew ‘God was taking you home

Your hand was so strong then it got soft

I knew my Mom was gone


Know matter how old i am i wish you were here

So we could talk like we use to do

Miss you my beautiful ‘Mom


Daddy’Please don’t cry

I’ll keep your tears close to my heart

I’ll wrap your tears away keep your tears

In my heart

Daddy’ Please don’t cry

Give me your smile that light up the world


Don’t leave me behind take my hand

With yours daddy

Daddy please don’t cry don’t leave me behind

I’ll keep your hand close to my heart you are my daddy



Need your smile to keep my heart and soul safe.

From all the darkness that is in the world

Daddy ‘Please don’t cry

Come home

To my heart

For your kisses

On my lips

I need your magic


You bring to my heart

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