From My Window

Neon lighted night sky gently gave way to light

stretched out beyond the glass canopied bar,

a field of lush tall green

comforting my long opened and reddened eyes, peaceful and quite serene

cool breeze passes through my curtain, welcomed and at home.


at the crosswalk a lone runner at her leisure sails through on a red uninterrupted by the usual


pale umbrellas shade sidewalk tables

as the as the sun climbs up and warms the streets

a glorious southern summer sun day approaches – it most likely will be real warm



I love the way you reached for me before fully awake

strong arms masking musky morning breath

kissing. my mate

coffee expresse’ed, toasted bagel on a plate

hurried through and (in spite of you!), just maybe I won’t be late


it was in this fashion that we came to know our passions –

treble clefts, timbales and a few missed electric bill due dates

with and through this plus more we came to seal our fate


now jaws sunk in, skin so thin you look at me and say

hey, my angel, happy to see you again.

many mornings long ago we waked and loved just so





Perched on the edge

hand resting just so

eyes looking backward, dare not to show

deep longings for you left lone and unmet

bare from chin to deep between my breast

my flesh craving your sweet caress

perchance you hand may come to rest upon my upturned and waiting breast

an open heart for love laid bare

waiting and wanting, dressed and draped

fearful that mourning my life will take

paled by your absence on this night


and what say you for kindness sake

as yet another young lass you take







My moma was mighty strong you see

but don’t use that as yo excuse to be mad at me

one day when she came home from work

she grabbed our apple tree by its trunk and gave it a jerk

picked it up and waved it around, not one of them apples feel on the ground

they made their way onto a huge pan,

and then with her other hand she rolled out the dough out in a big pan

blew her breath to cook them so all within a mile or so

on that day had something sweet.

and there you have it according to me, how apple pie came to be.




Nature Poem

Racing to the woods on a summer day

singing as she makes her way

through the stream of tadpoles she stoops to say Hey – cupping 2 or 3 in her hand, releasing them, then skipping away

the embankment forces a bit of a frown as she removes her shoes and sits on its ground

feet flicking the water across the pond, she takes up her shoes then leaps with bound

cool water rushing between her toes, eyeing the footbridge – off to it she goes.


Through the woods on a summer day to meet her friends for a day of play.

too bad all kids were not raised in this way

Space Poem

“Remove your oxygen mask, unclip your magnetic shoes,

take hand – My O my how tall you will stand!”


But I can scarcely see let alone stand on this marsh-mellow turf that you claim is land.

“Our EtherWorld requires supports. Not to worry you will not fail, in this Space no hurt prevails.”

To step outside with you this night, I feel sure that I just might

loose all those things that are my right to do with as I please, no one else must I appease.

So off with you and be gone away, into this Space I cannot stray.


A Table For Two

Plates of china and candle light

set so pretty for us this night

Take up your fork and do partake

Many delicacies for you await.

but hastily we’ll chat and chew in case

a furtive glace between us is cast

for a brush of your hand as I serve you would surely our evening most likely undo


our table for two in the center of my heart, so that with each touch we will impart

sparks and flames so fierce and true, that none other can dare claim we two

Sit and sip as I serve and we savor

the rarest of love in every flavor


A Poem About Loss

Who would have thought that we’d have this day (after all the time we’ve squandered and lost)

as stage 4 slowly takes you away

in each of your belongings that i rummage through, its that one thing that seems brand new

photo albums long come unglued, me – sharing, you; I loose in this battle too, pathetic but true.

Posters of us from way back then still stick to you wall bearing witness to all.  love and passion of drummer and dancer easily did blend


i give my heart anew to make this transition so burdensome for you

So strike up the band and wave your hand (El Maestro!)

As we dance away upon our cloud. never again to be without you



Fictional Character

It must first me understood how I got the name ‘little red riding hood’

commonly what is thought to be, is rarely what really IS, you see!

whilst on my way through the woods up to-  on that particular day – I confess, no real good.

when upon my way I came to pass a breaded guy who was, by all accounts, a real ass —


hastening on my way to play, he insisted, PERsisted and stood in my way.  when all of a sudden it came to me to place his head on yon high tree.  So with a dash and then a quick crash, i skipped along my merry way but not before his innards did splash upon my new and lovely head sash.

crimsoned and flushed I made my way to grandmother’s house on this fabled day

The Spirit of Oi

The name is ‘Oi’ – if you please! be rid of me and be done with death and disease. The Massai of Kenya doth truly believe, the spirit of an illness lives as its disease

cleanse ye house of all’s inside, so that death and its remnants have non place to hide

across mighty waters these tales did travel – not lost in the Bermuda Triangle, not a stitch did unravel

Riddled with disease as a termite through wood, wholes in your bones – no drug will do ye good.

life unpacked as the long truck in the alley is hooked up

drums, tambourines,music and a few other things

house swept clean of all your things.

when death comes seeking, it’ll find you not weeping.