At The End

In my life I sought to dream
Some made me happy
Others made me scream
But now I’m ready for the eternal sleep
The perfect destination for me, it would seem

What Is This Feeling?

She proposed
I accepted

We wanted to
Wait until graduation
To get married

I was willing to
Settle down with her
The girl I loved
Give up my future

But something ate inside me
That filled me with fear
Could this be cold feet
Was I having second thoughts
But I loved this girl

Perfect love casts out all fear

Hitting On Miss Anthrope

Ah, how I love the things I love
I love the things I love in case you could not notice
I’m totally in love with some one or thing
This lovely love makes me feel all lovey when I see what I love
You got me
I hate all of you

A Poe’s Poet

Poe purchases a purple curtain
On dull, dark, and soundless days
Why Ravens rap at his chamber door,
No one is ever certain

The Heroes Have Fallen

King Arthur and his bride
We’re happy side by side
They knew true joy
They couldn’t be happier if they tried
At least, that is what the people thought

Deep down, both were torn
Arthur the king and warrior worn
Guinevere would displease him
Arthur wanted to trust her each morn
But he was uncomfortable with her company

And so she fell in lust
With a knight Arthur had put trust
This knight was the mighty Lancelot
Performing deeds that would make Arthur’s heart bust
Because deep down he loved her more than country

The traitorous Lancelot revealed his deed
And Camelot became in need
His sins created the fall
But Arthur did not make him bleed
He offered forgiveness for this atrocity

The two lovers were now insane
How can the king in his brain
Even offer them another chance
Both deep down would desired to be slain
But instead it was the king who died

The two remained as the table crumbles
And they could feel the heavenly rumbles
And so they fled to find the monetary
Nun and abbot, they left their stumbles
In exchange for the oath of righteousness


All our attempts at subterfuge had been in vain.
The governing bodies that be can
See right through the purpose of our ban.
We don’t care about safety at all,
But the dollar sign, black market’s call.
And now our despicable nature in sight plain.

*Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Book Judging

Don’t you go judging a book by its cover or
Life may go judging a boy by his appearance

The Mechanical Messiah

Oh the nerd boy’s home is on fire
Let’s see the object he will acquire
His MacBook? That dire?
Does your work there deserve salvation from heavenly choir?
Your stories and poems and photos worth swimming in briar?
Would you even save you own mother?… Liar.

Brave John

Everyone wonders why I’m Sad
They cannot be Thoughtful
While I’m here Lamenting
My mother’s Death
Not a single Person
Visits her grave in the Churchyard

Each morning with prayers in the Churchyard
Perhaps God will understand why I’m Sad
He should, after he took away this Person
Nay, this angel, so Thoughtful
Caring for me until Death
And yet they question my Lamenting

I whip myself, Lamenting
That they would reconstruct the Churchyard
That they would be sorrowful in Death
Why is it they are not Sad
Could it be this world killed the Thoughtful
Could I be the last real Person

They mock me as that Person
Who beats himself in Lamenting
“A show, the savage is Thoughtful
A lighthouse, my new Churchyard
Without her here, I am Sad
Without them here, I see Death

I see the woman who helped with her Death
She was not the only Person
But seeing her, remembering her naked body, makes me Sad
She is the real reason I am Lamenting
Bringing my sins into this makeshift Churchyard
That you brought her, Lord, is Thoughtful

She acts concerned and Thoughtful
But she deserves a Death
From my beating in the Churchyard
In front of every Person
They all join Lamenting
Painful orgies cure the Sad

I left the Thoughtful behind and lost my one Person
I deserve Death and have failed my Lamenting
The rope will decorate my Churchyard with a decoration most Sad


Marcy is the best friend I have
My former friends to her, a halve

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