Mundane Endings

Mundane Endings


Simple pleasures, wrap around edges of mundane.

Peace, sought amongst the nothing of today.

Where to fall, to let it all down, to be.


Farther, the reach cannot extend.

Seeking, solace from the dew.

It’s not there, keep falling, till it ends.

Between the Tiles of Life

Between the Tiles of Life


Rush, blow away the boredom, lost in wind and storm.

Burst, chaos still it lingers, sparking flames are born.

Splash, eyes of leaking splatter, wash those feelings out.

Grounded, soil beneath the feet, emotions are the grout.


– Mary-Jeanne Smith

Grown Children

Grown Children


Hear, where I lay,

eyes open, should be sleeping;

thinking of children gone, grown, but mist remains.

I got it wrong, I got it right, back and forth all through the night.

Stop this madness.

Nowhere it goes.

It is done.

Just watch and wait.

Open gate.

Open heart.

Open ears.

Open mind.

They are still, ever and always, mine.

– Mary-Jeanne Smith

Introductions & a Poem

I was born in a city, its name is Seattle, where rain falls often and beaches are cool. I married at 19, and still love my husband, you just might say that I am a fool. Thirty some years later he still makes me laugh, there is no doubt that he’s my better half. We had two lovely children, then fostered many more, some still call me Mom, when they knock on my door. I like to write poetry, I like to camp, I like to read and I like to take baths. Playing the ukulele and painting are fun. I could spend literally hours at the beach in the sun. The thing that I love on this earth, most it seems, is spending time with other people, soul to soul, or on teams. I dearly love nature, and being outside, this world is amazing, the creator can’t hide. I give praise and thanks, for all that I have. Even on hard days, my life is not bad. Stay positive and smile, look for gifts on the way, and life will be good, at the end of the day.

Well that was fun! I am looking forward to participating this year. I have been writing poetry for many years. I am currently trying to compile all of my poems in one place. I want to self publish a book of them, if for no other reason, then for my children. As you can see above, I have many. Many of my poems were written for them. Most of my children are adults now. I only have one 15 year old left at home. She is a gem, but parenting teens is never easy. I wrote the poem below this morning, after thinking about how hard these teen years are, on our children and on parents as well. I hope to get to know some of you better through this process. It will be fun!

Broken Kisses

By Mary-Jeanne Smith

Leaves, don’t fall, stay green and growing; let us remain in the sweet abyss.

No more changes in these seasons; young girls please stay, forever un-kissed.

Innocence lost, their colors are turning; long before they’re ready to fall.

Drifting, twirling, crinkled we watch them; never listening to our call.

This world has broken us all.