Human – Hour 5

I am human too
I like ice cream
I love going to the beach
I enjoy music
I like to feel strong
I crave for attention
I want to make my own choices
I yearn to know more
I am driven my whim and emotion
I require rest
I try to do my best
I love
I long to be loved
I struggle and compromise each day between ideals and desires
I fear change
I miss the comforts of childhood
I believe in the unseen

No matter how much I try
To find my niche in this world
To be different
To be special
I am just the same because
I am human too

Not okay – Hour 4

I am not okay
Some of the hardest words to say
When all I want is to see you smile
Just a little while
Before I walk away and close the door
To find myself surrounded by my fears and sorrows once more
The momentary shine I show you flickers
The fresh-faced bloom of peace withers

But God forbid that you should feel bad
If you catch a glimpse of me sad
Through these four words I must not utter
To make you ache from knowing there is little help you can offer
I’d rather hurt in silence
It does not matter

How could I possibly express
How important it is to me
That you enjoy my company
Regardless of which face I wear today
I hope that you can embrace
All my moods
All my layers
All my truths
All my prayers
So that someday
I might not be afraid
To say that
I am not okay

Homesick – Hour 3

I turn left and right
I close my eyes tight
I reach out with my heart
To that moment we part
Take me across two continents
Back to those sweet moments
Where my heart knew calm
And I did not need lip balm
In the arms of dearests
All I want is to rest
This perpetual anxiety
Continues to haunt me
What great sorrow
To know that tomorrow
My mother’s touch remains unreachable
My father’s roaring sneeze barely memorable
Painfully learning everyday
What I wouldn’t give
To be able to hold my little brother in my arms again
Sometimes my every being
Wants to scream
Take me home
Almost like a myth
Trapped in this picture of perfect bliss
Take me home
Even if just a lie created in my head
That returning home may grant relief
To console myself from this daily dread
Perhaps escape is what I really need
Even then is it not my right
To want to return home tonight
Belittle not the plight of refugees
There are no other aches like these
Take me home

Pink – Hour 2

She ignites an excitement in me
Sight of which my being almost shivers
Drawing me instantly to her
But keeping me just far away enough
That I can’t wait for more
She radiates a bright warm light
Yet her power over me is almost cruel
But if she calls I must come
Somehow I’m convinced
She might be the one

Simplicity – Hour 1

Picture a field of blooming lavender
Your hair shifting in the slight cool breeze
Take in the smell of warm green summer
At last my heart is at ease

To linger upon a face of beauty
To listen to the silence around me
To long deeply for some company

When all the layers of social expectation are stripped off me
What’s left is a person with simple needs
Like every other

The Gift of Love – Hour 24

They gave me their hearts
Piece by piece
They unwound
Unravelled their defences
Confided their secrets
Hopes and dreams
Provided their company
Even spent some money
They loved me unconditionally
My friends gave me their hearts
And so too did I give them mine.

Strings of Time – Hour 23

She wove the strings of time
Left, right, left, right
She wove them tight
Not a strand out of place
Each fate she was able to trace
With every loop
She fulfilled our hopes
She wove the strings of time.

Streets – Hour 22

These streets are mine
The waste, graffiti and grime
The city I call home
These streets are mine
Till the end of time.

Purpose – Hour 21

I long for a sense of direction
Navigating this never-ending haze
Too often faced with the misconception
That I know my way out of this maze
Who I am supposed to be
They say it is up to me
Yet it doesn’t seem to be my choice
When they hardly listen to my voice
A deep sense of fear of misdirection
Perhaps will be my life-long affliction
I long for a sense of purpose
To the right path it will guide us.

Mission: Impossible – Hour 20

I find myself awake in the dark
Something is not right
I must brave the journey outside
But there can be no light
No noise
My steps must be soft and poised
I twist the door handles painfully cautiously
And as I pull it open there is no response
I have taken the first step, then another
I might actually make it this time
Just as I thought I had made it
I hear a jingle, a high-pitched voice
A flash of glowing orbs appear in the dark
My cat’s eyes
I have failed and woken up the monster
Now he must be fed.

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