Hour Twelve

To Do List

Get out of bed

brush that head

drink some coffee

throw out the doubts and why mes

prepare for the day

don’t forget that you slay


Eat something more than once

best if you eat dinner, breakfast and lunch

keep away any and all doubts

throw those nasty things right out


don’t forget to hydrate

you have too much on your plate

portion it out a piece at a time

until you can handle the whole design

Hour Eleven

From A Differing Perspective

The argument that seemed so dire

to you was to me nothing 

more than Tuesday,

I tried to explain my view

only for you to turn the other way.


My words meant nothing,

you didn’t want to hear…

it was all about you…

much as it always was.


My tears fell unwarranted

to find that you did not care,

so my urge to argue was 

unimpeded by  the need to

head your feelings instead.


Hour Ten



The choice to censor myself

Is not one that I want to make,

Redaction is not for the likes

Of poets like me.


I perfer to spill my verse

More honestly…

Without the markers

Cross to hide the dream

I want to speak.



Hour Nine



Maybe making books

Is fantasy,

All inside my head.

Putting together pretty

Words until the ink is red.


Maybe making books

Requires a bit of whimsy

To see the dreams

Contained within.



Hour Eight

I had nothing to say about the prompt for this hour… so I wrote what I wanted to…


Am I the Mistake


I understand now

That you were right,

I was your mistake.


That doesn’t mean

It was in any way

On my shoulders,

For I was a child

Whose only responsibility

Was growing up.


You made the mistake

In having children

You could not love





Hour Eight

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Though today

was just another day,

It was more,

So much happened

So many memories.


Perhaps what makes

The extraordinary

Is that we forget

To stop to see.



Hour Seven

What is Love


So much that the poets

Have debated,

Ancient song lyrics

All have joined in to ask,

Not a answer amongst them…

Just another question to ask.


What is Love

More than a debate

On human nature,

Emotions, and understanding

Time for grace.



Hour six

I didn’t use the prompt. We had a pet die this morning and I chose to instead use my hour six poem to write about the chicken.




You were sweet and onery

Quick to escape and a little bit of fun.

We are sorry to see you go

You started out one of the most mean

Of the litter we received,,

But you mellowed quickly.


We named her nugget because

She was onery and quick witted,

Damn it nugget was often heard…

Now we say that for the tears

Cried because we miss you.


Your funeral pyre was glorious

Go ahead, show the gods

You are magnificent!





Hour Five



Music is such a personal thing

Shared by the world

With each hearing it uniquely.


The dreams are nightmares collectively,

For the lyrics are interpreted

Quite different depending on

The soul.


Some just hear only the beat,

Others need the lyrics

To connect




Hour Four



Two souls intertwine,

The choices made

Were made combined.

Through the good,

The bad and the in between

I am with you and you are with me.


And if death does do us part,

Please know that with you

Goes my heart.


The vows were made in truest faith

Before family, friends, and all that came.

All the years, the struggles, the tears,

And not a thing would I change.

You and I are everything

That I wanted in my

Day to day.




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