Prompt 9:Coffee

Good Morning!

Nothing like a cup of coffee

with cigarettes  to start the day

The elegant taste of full flavor lingers

from my mouth then a swallow of hot

Frothy French vanilla.

A sense of delightfuliness

as the pain goes away.


Prompt 4: narrative

The Sweetest Thing


The sweetest thing that ever lived

Was high yellow girl,

 born on August 23, 1979

With light brown eyes 

And a beautiful smile.

Her smile lit up the sky and

every room she entered 

 Too tomboyish for the girls’ world at large

And too strong for the boys to wrath upon

To arrogant to be part of the crowd

Her shoulders strong as boulders 

Pressed high among the clouds

Her long legs run wild with the wind

Breathe with long of jet black hair

The sweetest thing that ever lived

Was high yellow girl, 

Born on August 23, 1979

 Amongst the stars she shines

and like butterflies she camouflages

in her own skin. 

Day dreaming about tomorrow

And in the wind she soars

Never afraid, fearless

She was the sweetest thing I ever known.

In fact the sweetest thing that ever lived.


Prompt 23: Doubt


As the sun sets,

The inner blues

Slowly creep upon me

Anger surrounds me

Can’t sleep, can’t eat

Thoughts deceiving conjuring concept

As they toy with my mind

I sit wondering is it really worth it?

My life, my life

Deeply distress pain ignites

I’m counting every second, minute, hour

To free me, free me

Sweeter bitterness

As my remandt slowly paints itself

Suppressed mindless thoughts 

Swallowed always by my tongue

My instrumental struggles 

To free me from this mask



Prompt 17

The Weather


Hey nice tither

The weather nice and wither

Do your teeth grit and wither?

Like a rose grew and wither

Written like a song, prose verse and thither

I sang like Johnny Lang

And groove like Elvis

Bang! Bang! Daddy’s dead.

As prince guitar plays purple rain,

The rain pours upon the earth

Hey nice and thither

Is the weather nice and wither?

Like Amanda Pérez

Do you prayers go unanswered?

Does your mind wonder? 

Is the question why circles around your mind

Still frozen icy cold,

Like a cold chill that runs up your back

Trembling can you take it?

Still invisible wandering

Oh, invisible me shan’t this death take heed

Or you just couldn’t have me

These legs and thighs

Hey nice and thither

Did you just grew old and wither?

Like an old maid 

Like Johnny Lang I still sing

Till I make your back slang

Are you ridden of me?

This is the ghost that flies in the wind


Prompt 18



 Tomorrow Never Comes


If tomorrow never comes

Miserable shan’t I feel

If tomorrow never comes

There will be no burden for me to carry

I shall play all day like little kid 

with no worries and no hurries

as the city lights never came on

let the bullberries stick my skin

and the grass grow as long as the wind


If tomorrow never comes

I don’t have to worry about

any mountains to climb

as you can see my tree

has already stood tall for me

If tomorrow never comes

I don’t have to impress anyone

or act out my life.


If tomorrow never comes

I shan’t worry love

because I already said I love you  

not just once, not just twice 

but every night when the moon is right






Winter Season

The winter season expands across the earth

To calm the summer love

And to bring an end to the restless souls

 To soothe the air

Of all the craziness

Trees began to wither

And the green grass fades away

And thou shall love 

The long winter days

Where there is much snow

 To be plowed and snowball

Fights could last all night

Kids test out their sleds

 For miles and miles

 of snow cover hills, rooftops

 houses filled with fireplaces roasting 

and cups filled with hot chocolate 

and marshallows around the hour



Prompt 21: Alone


The word I thought 

I never dreaded hearing 

Alone. Alone. Alone.

As no one simply heard me

Or believe my story

The look on their faces 

The whispers behind my back

The stopping of talk 

When I entered the room

The nonchalant use of the word or 

avoidance of the terminology ( mentally ill) 

use to describe the incident

As if it wasn’t of nature 

Something they never had dealt with

Treating you like a child 

Like you don’t know how to deal

Like you were learning how to

 Tie your shoes for the first time

Alone is all I felt

As I sat in a house full of loved ones

Alone and disconnected

Thinking of how things got this way

Too much of what was never said 

Too much of what was never done

Too much, just too much


Wondering what is yet now to become of me?

How will life unfold from here?

Where does the river flow? 

Will It turn into sea or 

Circle back around the riverbend?

Alone at 25 feeling like 85

 With no will to die or expire

just tired.


Love Thy Mother-Prompt fifteenth

On August 23, 1979

 is when I first felt your love

as a baby girl from your womb

35 years, two months, twenty -seven days later

Your arms are still a haven 

In which I can run to when I’m sick,

for comfort and to hide from the world

There is nothing in the world 

I wouldn’t do for you

Your love is never selfish

Never holding back the truth

The armor, The leader, The father

Yet, what is it that brings us together?

As we grew older we tend to separate further

But it is you that brings us back together

when things become clouded 

And tomorrow when the sun shines

you are still there loving us for better or worse

When the struggle of life gets too much

You showed us how to contend

and mend those broken wings 

We shall have fallen on

Bring us back together and mold us

as the days turn into months 

and the months turn to years.

A mother who was always there.



Inside Me

Depeche mode deep dark bittersweet skin
Evokes soft sensitive emotional one
Enrage by darkness, but composed by love
Wretch and harmless as a baby bottom
She lays motionless by the sea,
Riveting thoughts portray her sentimental senses
complied in me.



Dear Emily,

What I miss 

Is far beyond any skies can hold

I need no hint

I do believe you were heaven sent

I miss the late night conversations

Which might lead to sexual relations

When I feel your soft brown skin,

That is all it takes to begin.

Oh how I so love your face 

And fall in love over and over again.

 I miss your smile and your brown eyes.

Even more how your evil look

 Could make a cat lose all nine lives.

I miss hearing your voice,

Me falling in love …I had no choice.

I miss how

 I use to walk up behind you,

and kiss you on your neck

Or how I be mad at you 

And climb back into bed.

I’d tell myself I could fight

But I was truly misled.

I miss holding you in my arms

Trying to protect from

 all your worries and harm.

I miss your back rugs

 and those really long hugs.

Oh yeah, 

I miss sneaking in your mom’s house,

trying to be quieter than a mouse.

Also, I miss my best friend.


XOXO 4erUR♥️XOXO (more…)