Alone All Along

entered together

forest morning still and calm

the journey begins


travel companion

makes no sound in early hours

i find empty shells


Hello Darkness

Light bends defiant

speeds in flashes wraps around

finding its own path


standing tall ready

impact never comes this time

another trick of light


darkness walks steady

absent of chosen pathways

mysteries abound

Truth in Disguise

on the precipice

looking towards the bitter seas

what is left for me


horizon shores storm

nature’s lessons crash upon

undertow awaits


this call cannot be

when answers ask more questions

what lies beneath lies

You Can’t Punch a Puddle

listen, just be still

waters reflect energy

teach lessons of calm


take a deeper breath

like the gut punch never came

never be the sam

The Space Just Above

barren white alone

the attic grown hiding space

never out of place


trained from very start

you play your part well my dear

you always fooled me

Across the Archway

when two became one

elsewhere, i lost myself there

where poetry keeps


books were safer than

other people anyway

Neil Gaiman knew

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