furry overlord

brushes past in nonchalance

the distance of love



Mid-Marathon Still Life

i’d rather fruit under flowers

at these wee hours

with coffee for the change that we need

but a beggar can’t be choosy

even when i’m feeling woozy

because after all i previously agreed

Draft 2

i still see your eyes

the only ones to ever

find my hidden deep


i still feel your smile



mosaic pathways

branches reach for sustenance

tattered blood vessels


the answer awaits

encircled circumstances

kaleidoscope view


the beauty begs not

the path of least resistance


Eye Spy

i know you see me

your camera eye tries to hide

i find you lacking


voyeuristic schemes

have no power over me

watch me all you want


you’ll see me live life

living it on my own terms

watch me all you want





nine lives lost to the cost of living

eight days a workweek never done

seven times survival screams

six souls cannot be fixed

five more left alive

four bodies found

three ran down

two left