Why so much time on the loo?
Is that the only time  you’re going to sit down today?


She sleeps so soundly in the morning light
Warm legs intertwined
Curling around the bend of mine
Blessed to fit so well
In the slip of love’s  embrace


Another cycle comes near its end
We somehow seem to have done it again
A limerick or a rhyme
Finished just in time
No matter if there is sense to make
We’ve done it once again
Big ups my friend

Off it

Come down off the saddle
can’t here you
from all the way up there
Isn’t it better to see eye to eye?
I don’t like to be looked down upon

4:something am


If I don’t wake up they stay in my head
Instead of hiding under blankets and behind pillows
Get out of bed
Sneaking away to dance with prose
In a lovely game of chance
Hoping somewhere in here will be a gem
Amongst words that sometimes have no meaning in them
One more for the books
Maybe there will be more
Than Just one that hooks
But I do it for the fun


In the middle of the night
Thea story changes
The slate comes clean
Morning says she’ll be here soon
But the clock says she’s arrived
Why doesn’t tomorrow begin when the light comes back?

In the garage

If we jump around a lot this one will be good
Doesn’t matter what the band plays
The party must go on
Even if the song sucks

1 am thoughts

I saw some Kids
waiting for the school bus today
I guess it must be fall
Melancholy times about now
Long rides to musty rooms and the same old tree lined views
Adulthood had its perks however few and far between


Given the cost of freedom
I’mma stay right here
Leave the hard hits
for someone fresh
I’ve taken enough for this lifetime


The moon takes center stage once again
Shining in brilliant reflection of the sun
Who was off visiting the other side of the earth
Everyone else Is sleeping
So im going to hang out with her.
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