Hour 24

Home wasn’t super vibing with me but Meraki came up in my writing Pinterest board as an inspiration so I used that to write. Its a bit rough but I have 24 poems (I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss any now to double-check).




The place I put my soul

My creativity

My love

I put it into notebooks

Into crafts

Into people

It is here filling space

In my home

In my work

It slips through into others

My soul

My creativity

My love

Hour 23

Ooo we are hitting the rough time where everything I write feels shitty. But I am here for it!


The House of River and Smoke


The house sits on an island 

Made from rivers

Cutting through the earth

Letting the fog hide it

The earth’s smoke mixed

With the smoke from our fires

The house sits stuck in time

Waiting to be found again

Waiting for the next need

Hour 22

I have not been feeling these last few prompts but that’s what the internet is for ya know.




Friendship is supposed to be two sided

Unless it’s with you I guess

Cause you wait for me to reach out

Knowing I always seem too

You can choose when to engage

On each message deciding if its worth it

Until now

Hour 21



Yellow and tall

As if trying to reach their namesake

Sunflowers stretch out to the sky

As if they are reaching hands

To the stars

To the clouds

To someone far away 

But right there

And that is how some friendships are

My hands reaching out

Their hands out waiting

And now we are here 

In sunflowers

In friendship

Hour 20

Night Thoughts


The walk is both short and long

One moment still part of society

Next lost in the world

Water rushes in the stream

The stars shine overhead

And I let myself think

Away from the noise of the world

I walk to where the wind turbine is

The only piece of the world here

I watch it’s slow spin

My mind matching its speed

And I know that it is too late

And too early to be here alone

But when else should I come here

Hour 19

Well this one got a little weird I guess. Not exactly what I meant to do but it was fun




Self-portraits seem silly to me

I am no one special 

No hidden talents

No deep thoughts

I exist to be simple

And while there’s nothing wrong

It also makes things hard

When people ask

Or want to know more

How do you explain this is it

That there aren’t depths to dive into

That you are a shallow pool

But yet people want to ask

And seem to find something

So maybe it’s all perception 

Hour 18

Yay still catching up! I haven’t been feeling the prompts lately so I’ve been doing my own thing for some and that’s been nice. I enjoy having the starting point. But some just don’t vibe.




I will get into habits

Things I do every day

Checking certain things

And I noticed you have checked too

You have barely reached out

And I don’t know what to think

Maybe I should fully reach

Maybe I should ignore it

Because I was always reaching before

And I am tired of pushing forward

When you don’t respond

So I’ve been breaking my habit of you

Hour 17

Had to nap for a little while. But I am getting caught up quick.


Books After a Quote From Neil Gaiman


Getting lost in words upon words

Was always better than getting lost in eyes

Words had an end

A certain plot to follow

And a story had to wrap up with some good

But people and their eyes

You didn’t know how that was going to end

Could never know if it would end well or not

Can never skip to the last page and check

They can hurt you forever

So yes I would walk through forests of words

Before swimming in depths of eyes

Hour 16

This poem is rough but it is late and I am tired. So time for a nap.


Poem to Circle


How I have gotten through days before you

I don’t remember

Now I have you in my pocket

In my heart

You all there waiting to love me

And anyone else

You bring joy to my gloomy days

Light flashing in dark

And I somehow never have the right words

Hour 15



You never asked the question

But I didn’t either

And some days I wonder 

What would have happened if we had

If I said yes where would we be

If you said yes where would we be

You could have asked 

And it would have been yes

What could we have been

If you had asked

If I had asked

If I just said yes without the question

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